Play on the final table has entered level 28, with blinds at 30,000-60,000 (6,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated regularly during each level. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action from the final is available on EPT Live.

11.22pm: Players take a ten minute break from the action.

_MG_0151_Neil Stoddart.jpg

11.20pm: Andrew Chen’s all-in is good for blinds and antes.

11.18pm: Latest chip counts
Salvatore Bonavena – 3,172,000
Andrew Chen – 1,305,000
Massimo Di Cicco – 1,220,000

11.10pm: Chen makes it 140,000 pre-flop which Cicco calls. On the 9d-3d-Th flop both players check. On the 2s turn Cicco makes it 220,000 and Chen folds.

11.05pm: On a flop of Ks-Kh-3s Chen made it 70,000 which Bonavena called. With an Ah on the turn Chen made it 180,000 and again Bonavena called. The river, an 8h, and the big guns came out. Chen made it 500,000 which it seemed would end the hand but Bonavena called with either sheer brilliance or total madness, showing Q-3 for bottom pair which was met with “nice hand” by Chen. The 1.1 million pot goes to the Italian.

_MG_0108_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrew Chen

10.55pm: Three-handed, and it’s very very cagey. Andrew Chen is alone among the Italians, and it’s difficult not to regard him as some kind of lone gladiator battling against the odds in a packed coliseum. But he’s got some game, and is taking it to his opponents. Just recently, he flat called from the small blind, then watched Salvatore Bonavena raise his big blind 200,000 more. Chen was not frightened and bumped it up another 200,000 and Bonavena let it go. The latest chip counts have been updated over at the chip count page.

10:38pm: Bonavena makes a pre-flop bet of 270,000 and Cicco moves all-in. It’s not much more for Bonavena to call but he takes his time before putting his chips in, showing pocket fours. Cicco showed As-Ts for a race. The board ran Jd-Ah-6h-Ac-8s. Sections of the crowd went crazy, so did Cicco. We play on.

10.31pm: Konstantinos Alexiou, Greece, eliminated in fourth place, earning €199,000
The roller-coaster show from the novelty-bespectacled Greek player Konstantinos Alexiou is over. Bonavena raises and Alexiou shoves in. Bonavena dwells for a good long while before calling the extra 580,000.

_MG_7949_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Konstantinos Alexiou

It’s pocket threes for Alexiou; K-Qo for the Bonavena. It’s looking good for the small pocket pair through flop and turn: 2d-2h-6d | 7c but the river is the killer. It’s the Ks. Alexiou gets one grand shy of 200,000 and then there were three.

10.30pm: Three players get to the flop, Chen, Bonavena and Alexiou. The flop is Jc-8s-9c and there’s a triple check. The turn is the Ah and there’s a triple check. The river is the 10d and there’s a triple check. “This is what we’re dealing with,” says one press-room wag. Salvatore Bonavena wins it with a cunningly disguised straight, holding 7-8.

10.25pm: These are the counts at the start of this level:
Salvatore Bonavena, Italy, PokerStars sponsored player, 2,213,000
Andrew Chen, Canada, 1,679,000
Konstantinos Alexiou, Greece, 1,055,000
Massimo Di Cicco, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 750,000

10.25pm: Take that back, the red chips are still very much in play and the blinds in the new level are 30,000-60,000 and a 6,000 ante, hence the need for that red 1,000 denomination chip.

10.10pm: Players take a very brief break at the end of the last level as the red chips are coloured up. We’ve now gone beyond the published EPT structure so we’re still waiting for official confirmation of what the new blinds will be.


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