Play on the final table has entered level 29, with blinds at 40,000-80,000 (8,000 ante). The chip counts page will be updated regularly during each level. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Remember all the action from the final is available on EPT Live.

1am: PokerStars sponsored player Salvatore Bonavena of Italy wins the EPT Prague and €774,000.

12.59am: Massimo Di Cicco from Italy, eliminated in second position, collecting €445,000.
12 hours, almost to the minute, Salvatore Bonavera wins the EPT Prague. There was a bet and call pre-flop before the 8h-3h-2h was dealt. Cicco moved all in and was called, although Cicco didn’t look happy, showing Ad-4s which was overshadowed by Bonavera’s 7d-8d. The turn 6c and the river Js put an end to this marathon show.

_MG_0064_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Massimo Di Cicco

12.55am: Cicco bets 180,000 pre-flop and Bonavera raises 800,000 more. Cicco wants none of it and folds.

12.52am: On a board of Jh-2c-Qs-Qh Bonavera made it 200,000 which Cicco called. The river brought a 6c which both players checked. Ten high for Cicco, pocket eights for Bonavera who picked up a pot worth 560,000.

12.50am: Massimo takes the chip lead – slightly – betting 210,000 and then moving all in for 2.2 million after Bonavena re-raised 600,000 more.

12.45am: With blinds so big the chip stacks change each hand by hefty amounts. Cicco helps himself a bit by moving all in to win the blinds but still trails Bonavena.

12.42am: Latest chip counts
Salvatore Bonavena – 3,349,000
Massimo Di Cicco – 2,348,000

12.38am: On a board of Tc-4c-2h-7d Cicco bet 120,000 which Bonavena re-raised to 300,000. Cicco moved all-in with Ts-2c and was called by Bonavena with Qc-Th. The river, a 5c, doubled up Cicco.

12.33am: Current chip counts
Salvatore Bonavena – 4,293,000
Massimo Di Cicco – 1,404,000

12.30am: Bonavena wins a 660,000 pot in a cautios pot on a board of 7s-6s-2h-Qc-7h. Cicco bet on the end with Jh-5d and Bonavera called showing 9h-2s. That was enough.

12.25am: Play starts and it’s first blood to Cicco who raises pre-flop before Bonavena folds.

12.20am: While players are still preparing to return, it’s worth remembering what’s at stake. First place pays €774,000 whilst the runner up will receive €445,000.

12.06am: Heads up situation
There’s a pause in play as the final two players prepare to go head to head. The chip counts look like this…
Salvatore Bonavera – 4,123,000
Massimo Di Cicco – 1,574,000

12am: Chen eliminated in third place.
We’re guaranteed an Italian winner after 20-year-old Andrew Chen moved all-in with K-Q and was called by Bonavena with A-6. The 3-7-5 wasn’t good for Chen and the turn ended all hope, a four, giving Bonavera a straight. Chen’s last hope was a chop on the river but an eight ended that hope – the Canadian was out.

_MG_0051_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Andrew Chen

11.55pm: Basically, the three remaining players are passing blinds around.

11.50pm: Latest chip counts.
Salvatore Bonavena – 2,896,000
Andrew Chen – 1,494,000
Massimo Di Cicco – 1,307,000

11.40pm: Play resumes with blinds at 40,000-80,000 with an 8,000. That’s big.


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