EPT San Remo: Cards in the air

April 18, 2009

You probably have your own choice for the best voice of poker, but the voice of the EPT is Thomas Kremser. The Austrian’s dulcet tones have been heard for the first time, welcoming the hundreds players taking their seats for day 1a. Follow that with the fast paced Italian equivalent and we’re ready to start. Today San Remo is the beating heart of European poker, hosting what could be the biggest EPT tournament so far. It’s where every poker player wants to be. It’s even sunny outside.

The plan is for eight one-hour levels of poker, with 10,000 starting chips for each player, to be spent in any way they see fit. Later there will be a three-tier dinner break, just to confuse everyone, meaning the survivors should bag up chips in about 12 hours from now.

That’s ahead of us. The tournament room is packed and it won’t be long before the partisan home support ups the volume. Kremser has given the order to shuffle up and deal and the cards are in the air.

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