EPT San Remo: Level 21 updates

April 22, 2009

Live updates from level 21 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (ante: 1,000)

4.28pm: Hooray for Hungary
In one of the last hands of the level Katalin Eszter Jerney, the last female player in the event, doubled up with pocket deuces against ace-ten. She seemed pleased.

4.26pm: Rijkenberg using force
Silverman and Rijkenberg made a pot of 288,000 pre-flop, the largest chunk being a raise by Rijkenberg of 140,000. Silverman thought about the call for some time as the level came to an end but passed.

4.23pm: Double up for Rijkenberg
On the featured table, Constant Rijkenberg and Rasmus Akerblom got involved in a battle of the blinds, but with real hands. They ended up all in pre-flop for an 890,000 pot. Rijkenberg had two black nines and Akerblom had A♥K♠. The board was good for the Dutchman: it came 3♦4♣2♦Q♦10♣ and Rijkenberg’s roller coaster ride today hit a high point.

4.16pm: Time to shove
Massimiliano Trifoglio moved all-in for 167,000. It was tense for a few seconds but there were no takers.

4.15pm: Over here
Constant Rijkenberg makes it 31,000 pre-flop. Danilo D’Ettoris raises from the big blind, making it 112,000 total. Rijkenberg thinks it over, staring at the board. “Here I am” says the Italian with not a little cheek, enough for Rijkenberg to pass.

4.10pm: Stop the presses
For the first time since the end of day one Dragan Galic is not the chip leader. He’s dipped below the 1 million mark.


Dragan Galic

4.05pm: Kings good for Balaj
Mihai Balaj and David Eldar got it all in pre-flop, with Eldar comfortably covering his Romanian adversary. At least in chips, but not in cards. Balaj had pocket kings and Eldar had pocket queens. The better hand stood up and Eldar counted out 176,000 from his stack to give to Balaj.

4.05pm: Sundell re-raising
Silverman made it 32,000 pre-flop which Sundell re-raised to 85,000. After a pause for thought Silverman folded.

4pm: Play resumes
Back from the break and Malte Strothmann and Steven Silverman play a cagey pot in the blinds. On a board of 2♣3♣8♥7♣9♦ Silverman shows a pair of sixes to take the pot.

_MG_8944_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Steven Silverman

3.45pm: Redraw
We have now got down to 24 players, meaning three tables and a redraw. There’s currently a brief lull in proceedings as that happens.

3.40pm: Another gone
Sebastien Bidenger is the next player to fall. After handshake all round he leaves in 26th place .

3.35pm: Akdemir ousted
It’s was eights versus nines, all in pre-flop, against William Reynolds. There were no miracles.

3.30pm: Think it over
Vedat Akdemir bet 30,000 from under-the-gun pre-flop. The action was folded to William Reynolds who slid a tower of yellows worth 100K into the middle. It sent Akdemir into the tank for several minutes, two of which were spent watching the all-in on the TV table playing out on the screens. Akdemir passed, showing an ace.

_MG_8934_Neil Stoddart.jpg

William Reynolds

3.25pm: Tourgman double up
Doran Tourgman went head to head again with his nemesis Constant Rijkenberg. Tourgman was all in pre-flop with jacks; Rijkenberg had J-10 but picked up a flush draw and a straight draw on the all-club 4-8-9 board. Tourgman, however, survived this time and scooped the 263,000 pot and stays alive.

3.15pm: Kang busted
Ben Kang is out. The PokerStars ShootingStar pushed in with 9♦9♣ which was called by Danilo D’Ettoris with Q♦Q♣. The flop of 8♥10♥7♦ gave Kang hope, an open ended straight draw. Another nine would also save the big German but 3♣ turn and 3♦ river put an end to that. Out in 29th place.


Ben Kang

3.10pm: All ins
Several all ins on the outer tables, but no eliminations. Nor, for that matter, double ups. Instead it’s just been chopped pots: Sami Kelopuro and Dennis Bejedal got it all in pre-flop, both with A-K. No four-flushes and that was chopped. Then on another table Dragan Galic and Ovidiu Mihai Balaj were also all in pre-flop. Galic had A♣8♠, Balaj A♠Q♥ but the board came 10♥10♣3♠A♦K♠ and Galic continues to run good.


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