EPT San Remo: The daddies

April 19, 2009

It’s at that time of the day when any wander around the tournament floor means dodging through players making their way to the streets. There are big hands and bustouts at every corner, and the resulting giant stacks beginning to develop.

A pot a moment ago just vaulted the Italian player Andrea Marcialis into contention. The river had already been dealt as I approached the table, and the full board read 4♦K♣J♦Q♣6♣. A single adversary in the one seat moved all in for his final 12,000 into a pot that was already larger than 25,000. Marcialis thought about the call for a good couple of minutes before deciding that he had to be in it to win it. He flipped 10-9, no clubs, for the bottom straight on a flushing board. But it was good. His opponent showed 8-7 for a bluff that cost him his tournament life.

The other massive stacks at the moment belong to Sami “LarsLuzak” Kelopuro and Josipovic Ljubomir. The former just won a decent pot in a button versus big blind confrontation, with Kelopuro in the latter of the two positions. He had a measly 9-2 in an unraised pot, but must have been delighted to see the board come 3-2-2. He bet, his opponent called, and then Kelopuro checked the 8 on the turn. His opponent bet, Kelopuro shoved, and his trips were better than the outdrawn A-8.

Ljubomir, who may well be the chip leader with about 70,000, watched this from the closest quarters. He is on the very same table as Kelopuro as the big stacks have gravitated to the same area of the tournament room.



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