EPT Tallinn Day 1B: Level 3 & 4 updates (150-300)

August 12, 2010


4.30pm: De Melo is no more
Fatima Moreira De Melo is out, the hand she went out on extended well into the break. I only caught the river action but the board read 10♦3♣6♥5♠5♣. There was around 14,500 in the pot and the small blind, Antoine Amourette, had set De Melo all-in for her last 17,000, Amourette had about 40,000 in total. De Melo was tanking very hard. She riffled a stack of black 100 denomination chips as she pondered her move. After over two minutes thinking time she made the call. Amourette rolled over 6♠6♣ De Melo nodded and mucked her hand before making a swift exit. –NW

4.25pm: Break time
The players are on a 15 minute break. Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo has just been eliminated 5 minutes into the break period. Details coming up.

4.25pm: Terrazas the terrible
Santiago Terrazas is building up some chip stack and is fast approaching 70,000 at this early juncture partly due to the following pot. Sebastian Saffari had opened to 675 and was called by Terrazas before Erik Siefert three-bet to 2,300. Both players called. All three players checked through to the 2♥7♠8♥6♠ turn. Saffari bet 4,700 on the turn which was called by Terrazas. Saffari then check-called the 9♣ river for 8,000. Terrazas showed 5♣5♠ for the low end of the straight. You had the feeling that Saffari knew he was beat but just wanted to see how. — RD

4.22pm: Using position well
Former EPT champion Jens Kyllonen maneuvered Michal Polchlopek off hand to put himself up to 39,000. Salim Ghozali started a limp-fest by calling under-the-gun. Polchlopek looked to punish them all by raising to 1,800 from the BB. Kyllonen was the only player who hung around to see the J♥Q♦9♦ flop where he called a 4,000 c-bet. The turn came 2♦ and Polchlopek check-folded to a 7,500 bet from the Finn. –MC

4.20pm: Thater taking it easy
Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater has had a steady enough ride so far today. So relaxed is the German pro, that she’s currently enjoying a pint of the excellent Estonian beer Sake Kuld. PokerStars EPT photographer Neil Stoddart who’s been attending EPT’s since season two says it’s the first time he can remember her having a beer at the table. She’s also chowing down on some gummy bears. –NW


Katja Thater is looking relaxed here in Tallinn

4.10pm: Not so mellow Melo
Fatima de Melo isn’t looking too happy with life at the moment. Each time we see her raise she seems to get three-bet and every time there’s action ahead of her she hasn’t got much to bring to the party. Everyone has a dry run in a tournament and this just happens to be hers. And to add to her woes Max Lykov has just sat down to her left. When you run bad, you can really run bad. — RD

ept tallinn_day 1b_fatima de melo.jpg

Fatima Moreira de Melo: not smiling now

4.05pm: Image issues
EPT Berlin runner-up Iikka Tahkokallio has seen his A♦A♠ hold-up on a very scary looking board versus Benjamin Wilinofsky. The action had reached the turn and Tahkokallio check-called a 3,750 bet. The board at the river read 8♦6♠5♦2♦7♠ and both players checked. “I have aces” said Tahkokallio and revealed his hand.

“It’s good” responded Wilinofsky and slid his cards to the dealer who flipped them up for some reason. Wilinofsky didn’t seem to mind that his K♠Q♦ had been revealed. “My image can’t get much worse” he said. “You guys must know what I’m up to by now” he continued.

Even if they do know what he’s up to, the day’s going okay for him on the whole as he’s up to 56,000. Tahkokallio’s on 34,000 meanwhile. –MC

3.55pm: Gabrielsson survives
From the small blind Sadan Turker set Ferit Gabrielsson all-in for his last 3,750. Gabrielsson, who was receiving a massage at the time, put himself at risk and made the call.

Turker: K♥10♦

Gabrielsson: A♥7♦

He stayed in front all the way on a board of 6♣2♦A♦6♠4♣. –NW

3.45pm: Movers and shakers
Team PokerStars Pro ElkY had fought his way back towards his starting stack but is now down to 10,000 after calling large bets and raises from a turn straight. EPT Player of the Year Max Lykov is going the way and is up to 57,000. Both are great players to watch. — RD

3.35pm: Flushed Finn
Juha Lauttamus is up to 33,000 after hitting a flush against an opponent and getting paid. He raised from under-the-gun and found one caller to go to a J♥J♣7♥ flop where he led for 750. Call. The turn came Q♥ and this time he led for 4,200. Call. The river fell A♣ and there was no slowing down from the Finn as he bet 4,200 again and was called. Lauttamus tabled 6♥8♥ for a turned flush and it was good as his opponent folded. –MC

3.30pm: Rehl rakes one
Six players saw a flop of 8♦7♣10♦, a flop that you’d imagine had to have connected fairly solidly with someone. There was about 3,675 in the pot and first to bite was Alessandro Meoni who fired out a bet of 1,775. Ludovic Rehl decided to raise making it 4,100, everyone inbetween folded and it was back on Meoni, he elected to smooth call. The turn was certainly in the category marked ‘scare card’ as it was the A♦. Meoni checked, Rehl bet 6,200 (he had about another 9,700 back) and after eyeing up the bet and Rehl’s remaining stack Meoni folded. –NW

3.25pm:Ashby makes a good call
I arrived at the table to see a board of Q♦7♣6♦A♣8♠ and around 10,000 in the pot. Richard Ashby had checked, from the small blind, to Jannick Wrang in the cut-off. Wrang fired out a bet of 8,100 and Ashby made a relatively quick call.

Wrang: 10♦J♥

Ashby: Q♠J♣

Ashby now has around 52,000, Wrang, who earlier eliminated Juha Helppi, still has a healthy stack with around 46,000. –NW

3.17pm: Bluffed or good fold?
Roberto Romanello is down to 22,000 after taking an age to fold on the river of a 3♣4♣4♦2♠3♦ board. There was 9,000 already in the middle before PokerStars qualifier Benjamin Wilinofsky led for 8,500 from the BB. Romanello went to call instantly but paused and then went into the tank. At one point he said he had a full-house, indicating he had a three in his hand most probably. Eventually he let it go and Derek Lerner, also sat at the table, commented: “Nice bluff buddy”. –MC


Roberto Romanello

3.12pm: Jens Thorson busts
The young Swede is out. Gustav Ekerot made it 500, Thorson bumped it up to 2,000, leaving only 1,600 behind. Ekerot put in 4,000 to set Thorson all-in and he made the call:

Thorson: K♣J♥
Ekerot: A♥Q♦

The board ran 5♦6♠3♦8♦2♦ to make Ekerot an unnecessary flush, and Thorson was heading to the rail. — SY

ept tallin_day 1b_jens thorson.jpg

Busted: PokerStars sponsored player Jens Thorson

3.08pm: Deeb does what Deeb does
On a 7-4-6-8-7 board, Shaun Deeb bet 1,300 and got a call from Simao Barbosa. The man from Portugal had pocket nines, but Deeb had rivered trips with 7-10. Deeb up to 36,000. — SY

3.05pm: Quack Quack Quack
From small raises, spring big pots, is something a poker philosopher once said, I imagine. Anyway that’s what happened in this hand. Erik Siefert raised to 500 from under the gun+1 and was flat called by Aleksey Timashkov from the hi-jack. Tadas Pelkaitis then raised to 1,800 from the cut-off.

Both Siefert and Timashkov decided to call creating a meaty pot of 5,800 before the flop of A♣6♣2♠. Action checked to the raiser and Pelkatis bet 2,700. Siefert check-raised to 8,100 total Timashkov got out the way but Pelkatis decided to stick around and flat called.

The turn bought the K♣ and both players checked and the 3♥ arrived on the river. Siefert decided to lead out with a small bet of 5,600 and Pelkatis decided the price was right and made the call. Siefert showed 2♣2♦ to claim the pot. –NW

3pm: Little Thorson on a downward spiral
Jens Thorson, younger brother to William, is having a bad day at the office. His stack has been going down in chunks and it’s just gone down another chunk. The action had reached the river where the board read 6♥J♣A♣A♠10♥. Thorson led for 1,250 into two players. The first one folded but Vallo Maidla tank-called from the BB. Thorson tabled K♥K♠ but lost out to the Estonian’s A♦Q♥. –MC

2.50pm: Regular as clockwork
Santiago Terrazas made the final table of EPT Barcelona last year (not making friends with Marc Goodwin in the process after a wayward clock call). He is busy raising and making c-bets but we’ve not seen any controversial decsions from him yet. — RD


Satiago Terrazes

2.45pm: Missing Minieri
Dario Minieri has not reappeared from the break yet. Where he should be sat there is an empty chair and a small stack worth 16,000. The Team PokerStars Pro didn’t look entirely happy with how things were going when he went for the fifteen-minute break. — RD

2.40pm: Greco on the up
Michael Greco is up to 36,000 after wining a hand without having to showdown. There was an early position raise that he and two others called. All four checked through the 7♣7♠J♥ flop to go to the J♥ turn. Grigory Torosyan was in the BB and led out for 1,600 and only Greco called. The river came 8♥ and the Russian led out again, to the value of 4,100. Greco dwelled before raising to 12,000 prompting a fold from his opponent. –MC

2.30pm: Must-read news *
Swissotel balcony report: The sun is now shining (around 22 degrees), four large passenger ferries are in the port, a small plane is circling overhead, the good people of Tallinn are going about their shopping duties. — SY

* I have to justify the time spent having a crafty cigarette

2.25pm: Back
Players are taking their seats and preparing for the next stage of battle. Blinds are now 100-200.

Make sure you keep an eye on our selected players on the chip count page, which is being updated at a hyper-turbo rate with the aid of an iPad. Although we do spend a lot of time having to show it off to players rather than actually update the counts. — SY


PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of appearance at breakfast): Rick Dacey (10.25am), Simon Young (10.35am), Marc Convey (11am), Nick Wright (11.10am)


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