EPT Tallinn Day 3: Level 16, 17 & 18 updates (2,500-5,000, 500 ante)

August 05, 2011


6.40pm: Diamond on the river brings Day 3 to an end
The departure of Irene Baroni brings Day 3 to an end. The crowd favourite got her chips in behind a raise by 808 to 13,500 who then called Bironi’s 102,000. 808 turned over 3♦3♠ to Baroni’s K♣8♣ which looked good on the 9♦7♦8♦ flop and better on the 8♠ turn. But the diamond flush was always a threat, and the 2♦ brought Baroni’s Tallinn campaign to an end.

A full round up of the day’s action, along with all the official chip counts, will be posted shortly. — SB

6.38pm: Cichocki railed by Team Pro
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has been railing Gregorz Cichocki for much of the day. We caught up with him to find out the connection.

“He’s a friend of mine,” said Horecki.

So is he any good?

“Very good,” said Horecki with a smile.

He certainly seems to have been doing okay so far. Cichocki has spent several periods today as the chip leader and has never been scared of tangling with other big stacks. The overnight chip leader, Nikolas Liakos, was sent to the rail by the Pole before the bubble. — RD

ept tallinn_day 3_gregorz cichocki.jpg

Used to Pole position Gregorz Cichocki

6.30pm: Kaiser is worth a million
This moment has been coming for quite a while, but Ronny Kaiser is now crushing this tournament as commentators have been predicting he would for quite some time.

He has just cracked Liutauras Armanavicius aces and broken through the million chip mark, the first player to get into seven figures.

Kaiser opened to 12,000 from late position and Armanavicius three bet to 43,000 from the button. Kaiser four bet to 112,000 and after a moment’s hesistation, Armanavicius five bet shoved for close to 300,000. Kaiser called.

Kaiser: J♦J♥
Armanavicius: A♦A♠

Having lived by the sword for three days, Kaiser seemed likely to perish (or at least be severely crippled) by it, but in fact the poker gods had other ideas. The board ran 5♥10♠8♣9♥ … and then Q♥ on the river. The queen was decisive, giving Kaiser the straight and sending Armanavicius out.

Kaiser has about 1.1m and 25 players remain. One more and we’re bagging. — HS

6.20pm: Level 18 begins
Just two more players to bust before Day 3 draws to a close. All the players are in the money and guaranteed at least €7,000 but the €275,000 up top is what everyone is gunning for. — RD


6.10pm: Kaiser clobbers Sihvo
A massive hand was playing out on the final hand before the break. It involved Lari Sihvo and Ronny Kaiser and there was a pool of yellow chips already in the middle alongside these five cards: 6♠6♦8♠9♠A♣.

They had been in the blinds pre-flop and there had been action on the flop, but a checked turn. (Thanks to Jeff Sarwer for this information.) Then on the river, Sihvo led for more than 100,000 and Kaiser moved all in over the top.

Sihvo instantly folded, and Kaiser flashed an 8♣6♥ to the rail, which now included Jani Sointula on the way to his break. Sointula related the information to Sihvo, who shrugged and wandered away.

Kaiser now has about 750,000 chips. — HS

6.05pm: Mykhaylyuta falls before the break
Albert Mykhaylyuta’s lengthy death rattle has final ended. He was down to less than one big blind almost an hour ago and mounted quite a comeback from 4,000 up to the 70,000 or so he got in the middle against Jani Sointula pre-flop.

Mykhaylyuta: A♠K♠
Sointula: J♥J♠

It was a classic coin flip with a massive flop: J♣Q♠6♠. The K♥ on the turn was no help and neither was the 5♣. Mykhaylyuta sent to the rail and two more players need to follow him before play ends for the day.

We begin a 15 minute break. — RD

6.04pm: Epp up
A double-up for PokerStars qualifier Oleg Epp who has been fighting a tooth and nail rear-guard action for much of the day, this time shoving for 30,000.

Epp was called by Robert Brofeldt who showed A♠K♥ to Epp’s Q♣10♠. The board ran 9♣2♣Q♦K♣J♥ to give Epp the straight and keep him alive. He’s up to 60,000. – SB

6pm: Tough table
The table that once featured Sami Kelopuro, Lari Sihvo, Ronny Kaiser and Jani Sointula now features Sami Kelopuro, Lari Sihvo, Ronny Kaiser, Jani Sointula AND Jeff Sarwer. There have been easier tables.

The good thing for reporters is that every hand is seemingly noteworthy, and Kelopuro and Sointula were the most recent to do battle. Sointula made it 10,000 from the cut off, and Kelopuro re-raised to 29,500 from the big blind. Sointula’s call took them to a flop of 9♦5♠3♣.

Kelopuro bet 35,000 and Sointula called. The turn came 7♦. Kelopuro, who has recently stopped his iPad multi-tabling and has gone back to playing just the one, live, event, took a moment to ponder his next move before sliding out something in the neighbourhood of 85,000 chips.

Sointula folded. — HS

5.55pm: Kelopuro multi-tabling
Another hand goes to Sami Kelopuro, who plays online poker on his iPad while playing the main event. Ronny Kaiser opened for 10,000 under the gun which Liutauras Armanavicius called in middle position before Kelopuro bet 36,000 on the button. Kaiser passed but Armanavicius called for the flop of 2♦9♦10♥.

Armanavicius checked to Kelopuro who lumped in a bet of 48,000, good to force a fold from Armanavicius. – SB

5.52pm: Van Til topping up
Johan van Til is now up to 450,000 and seems happy at his table, raising liberally but getting it quietly. He just had a tussle with Vojtech Ruzicka betting 45,000 on the river of a 4♦5♥3♦J♥3♠ board to rake in a 60,000 pot. — RD

5.43pm: Norietis knocks out Ebanks
Joe Ebanks has just bust out of the tournament after three-bet shoving his button with Q♠J♠. Rolands Norietis had opened for 11,500 and Ebanks had jammed all-in. Unfortunately he ran into A♠K♠, binked top pair on the flop and had to watch the board run out 4♣4♦Q♣7♠K♥. — RD

5.40pm: Out Foxing Epp
A double up for Stuart Fox with pocket queens, taking him up to the still shaky amount of 55,000. It could be worse. The double up came through Oleg Epp who now drops to a perilous 35,000. Fox would be all in again a few minutes later but got no callers. – SB

5.32pm: Aces nice for Norietis
Rolands Norietis picked up aces at the right time, when Arvi Vainionkulma found pocket tens. It all went in and the aces held for Norietis who is now on 100,000. Vainionkulma jumps up to 220,000. — RD

5.30pm: Danger zone
There are only six players on table three, and four of them are Sami Kelopuro, Lari Sihvo, Ronny Kaiser and Jani Sointula. It’s not a fun place to be.

Just recently, Kaiser raised to 10,000 from under the gun and got everyone to fold except Sihvo in the big blind. They went to a 10♦J♣9♥ flop and Sihvo checked. Sihvo check-called a 13,000 Kaiser bet, taking them to a turn of 8♣.

Sihvo seemed to like the danger card, firing 31,000 at it. Kaiser called, and they went to a 6♣ river. Sihvo slid something like 60,000 into the middle, and after only the briefest hesitation, Kaiser called.


Ronny Kaiser

Sihvo knew his A♥8♥ was beat, and Kaiser confirmed it by tabling Q♦J♦. Expect chip moves on that table to be volatile. –HS

5.25pm: Down to 33
Konstantinos Meliopoulos is the next to depart, sent to the rail by Andrey Subbotin. Meliopoulos got his chips in pre-flop with 5♠5♦ with two callers. On the flop of 2♣8♥Q♣ Subbotin raised to force Robert Brofeldt out, to go heads up with Meliopoulos. Subbotin’s A♣Q♥ were good enough, with the turn 10♣ and river 7♥ not helping Meliopoulos. – SB

5.18pm: Mykhaylyuta at risk
Albert Mykhaylyuta just lost all but 4,000 of his chips to Markus Lehmann when the two short stacks got it in with K♣10♠ to A♠J♥, with German Lehmann holding the latter. An irritated Mykhaylyuta was forced all-in from the small blind in the next hand and was getting action from Ronny Kaiser (raise to 10,000) and Jani Sointula (called 10,000).

Kaiser c-bet 12,000 into the 7♦6♦5♥ flop and Sointuala raised to 42,000. Kaiser passed.

Mykhaylyuta : K♣10♠
Sointula: 3♠3♣

A king on the turn turned that frown upside down (for a short time anyway). Mykhaylyuta is now on 13,500. — RD

ept tallinn_day 3_albert mykhaylyuta.jpg

Imagine this face without the chips: that was the king on the turn

5.10pm: One up, one out
Irene Bironi just moved all-in behind a raise to 24,000 from Stefan Jedlicka. Bironi put her stack worth 110,000 into the middle and after pausing for several minutes Jedlicka chose to fold.

Behind them Matthias Lotzewas making his way to the door. Details are sketchy but he moved in with pocket kings but the pocket eights of Vojtech Ruzicka made either a straight or flush. – SB

5.01pm: Battle of the Soome
Andres Soome just doubled up, moving all-in with J♥J♦. Praz Bansi wished him good luck, to which he replied that he had exhausted his supply of luck. But it turned out he had a little left in the tank, moving up to 35,000 after the jacks out-lived his opponent’s sixes. – SB

5pm: Quaade quashed
Thomas Quaade has been on a short stack for what seems to be a very long time. He clung on and clung on into the money, but is now on the rail in 39th.

Quaade moved all in from the button for not much more than 40,000 and was snapped off in the big blind by Matthias Lotze. Lotze just happened to have K♥K♠, which was way ahead of Quaade’s A♥5♦.

The board bricked and the torrent has begun. — HS

4.50pm: Berg first to bust in the money
Anders “Donald” Berg is the first player out after the bubble. He shoved with pocket fives for 53,000 and was called by king-jack, which got there. From now on, players eliminated will be listed on the prizewinners’ page. — HS

4.25pm: Pretty much the bubble, whatever happens – Eric Friedmann busts in 41st
The bubble has burst, and it’s Eric Friedmann who is heading back to Switzerland with nothing. His final assassin was Stefan Jedlicka, who had him covered by only about 1,500 chips and would almost certainly have been the bubble boy himself had he not won the race.

It was folded to Jedlicka on the button, and raised to 8,200. Friedmann shoved all in from the big blind, for about 150,000. Jedlicka shrugged his shoulders and called.

Jedlicka: J♦J♥
Friedmann: A♣K♠

That was a straight race, and the board favoured only the pocket pair. It ran 3♦6♣8♠Q♦6♦ and Friedmann was a free man.


Eric Friedmann, EPT Tallinn bubble boy

The players were sent on their 15-minute break at the end of level 16. They are all now in the money. — HS

4.20pm: Yahtzee!
“Yahtzee!” cried Irene Baroni, up on her feet celebrating her double up.

She probably wasn’t shouting Yahtzee – the name of a 1950’s dice game – but something in Italian like thank you, but I digress.


Irene Baroni: “Yahtzee!” (or something)

Baroni had shoved her final 84,000 from the small blind into Stefan Jedlicka in the big blind and the Austrian had called.

Baroni: Q♦6♦
Jedlicka: A♠J♣

The flop was a good one for Baroni: 4♦K♦7♥. The J♥ turn was not but a second jack, the J♦, on the river completed Baroni’s flush draw. Given she was dodging the bubble she could shout whatever she liked. — RD

4.10pm: Bubble raises
The bubble period tends to be all about the short stacks, clinging on for dear life or a double up. But the big stacks get dealt cards too and plenty want to play them; it’s a good time to plunder even more chips if you play them right.

Two of the biggest stacks in the room are on the same table, in front of Lari Sihvo and Grzegorz Cichocki. And both of them are happy to play. After Sihvo had button raised and Cichocki defended his big blind, they went to a 8♠7♣5♠ flop. Cichocki checked, Sihvo bet 11,000, Cichocki made it 22,000 and Sihvo called. this was already growing big.

the 4♣ turned and Cichocki bet 42,000, which Sihvo called again. The J♥ rivered and now Cichocki checked. Sihvo bet 84,000 and Cichocki called it, being shown 4♥6♥ by his opponent.

Cichocki mucked as Sihvo won a pot of close to 300,000. Those two now both have more than 600,000. — HS

4pm: Bubble-up
We’re still on the bubble with play hand for hand. So far there have been two all-ins, the first of which featured Latvian PokerStars qualifier Edgars Augstkalns who moved all in for 46,300 and was called by Michael Graydon. Augstkains had to wait for other tables to finish dealer but he at least did so knowing he was about to turn over A♣A♥. Graydon could only manage A♦6♣. The board came K♥5♣J♦4♣6♦ to keep the Latvian alive.

Speaking of Michael Graydon, he caught up with the video blog team earlier today. — SB

3.55pm: And back again for Sointula
A Jani Sointula has dropped down to 466,000 after a hand against Ronny Kaiser. With betting all the way and a board reading A♠4♦Q♣J♠9♦ Sointula bet 48,000 which Kaiser raised to 105,000. Sointula worked through his options for some time before saying “Ok, I call,” tossing out chips. HE turned over 4♥4♠ for a set, but Kaiser had that beat, showing K♣10♣. – SB

3.40pm: Sointula flops set, cripples opponent. Standard
Albert Mykhaylyuta is clinging on by the skin of his teeth after getting into a pile up against Jani Sointula. Mykhaylyuta had aces but Sointula had flopped a set of sixes and managed to prise almost all of Mykhaylyuta’s stack into the middle.

The Russian is left with about 80,000, while Sointula has more than 600,000. — HS

3.36pm: More from Bansi
Praz Bansi’s efforts to get some momentum going on Day 3 just hit a bump. After Stuart Fox raised to 7,000 from under the gun Bansi raised to 23,500, which Fox called for a flop of 3♠8♥5♠. Both checked that and he 9♠ turn for a K♦ river. More cheking. “Ace-high,” confessed Bansi. Fox showed J♠J♣ to win the hand. – SB

3.32pm: Bansi gets some more
Players here must think that Praz Bansi is always at it, it’s not the first time his three-bet has been called. Stuart Fox had opened for 9,000 and was called by Lauri Meidla on the button. Bansi then entered the fray with a raise to 31,700 and Fox quickly withdrew. Meidla made the call.

The 4♣Q♦3♥ flop was quickly checked by both players. The A♠ was checked and, hey, why not, the 10♦ river too. Bansi showed J♦J♠ and took the pot to move up to 270,000. — RD

3.20pm: Liakos gets some back from Cichocki
There’s some serious poker being played on table two this afternoon, where the two overnight chip leaders, Nikolas Liakos and Lari Sihvo, are now being forced to yield to the new chip daddy Grzegorz Cichocki. Liakos has had a particularly poor day so far, all but swapping chip stacks with Cichocki. The Swede has only a bit more than 100,000 while the Pole is north of 500,000.

Those two just tangled again, with Irene Baroni also thrown into the mix. This time Liakos ended up hauling some back from his adversaries, but it was cagey from start to finish.

Cichocki opened to 8,000 from under the gun and Baroni called from two spots to his left. Liakos also called on the button. The three of them went to a flop of Q♣5♠3♦, which Cichocki checked. Baroni bet 9,000. Liakos called, and now Cichocki check-raised, making it 22,000. But that wasn’t persuading anyone out the way as both Baroni and Liakos paid the extra.

That took them to a 6♦ turn, which was checked all the way. Likewise the 2♠ river. Cichocki, as the last aggressor, was forced to show his hand first and tabled J♠Q♦. Baroni mucked, but Liakos had A♠Q♥ and top pair top kicker was good. — HS

3.15pm: Brofeldt continues to power on
Kaspars Renga, who finished fifth in Deauville earlier this year, has been eliminated, leaving 42 players in the main event.

He opened for 10,000 which Robert Brofeldt raised to 25,000 before Renga moved all in. Brofeldt flash called, showing A♦A♣. Bang. Renga revealed big slick, struck the table with his fist and watched the board come J♣6♠10♥5♥2♠. Renga out. – SB

3.05pm: Closing in
There are 44 players remaining, which means we are getting mighty close to bubble time. Forty players will be paid. Look at the payouts page for details of how it all breaks down. — HS

3pm: Cards in the air
After a slightly longer break than expected play resumes.


Sami Kelopuro among the leaders


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