EPT Warsaw: Day three, level 15 updates

October 23, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 15 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,000-4,000 (400 ante)

5.21pm: Four tables
Kalle Niemi is out. He lost a massive pot with aces against sixes and then got his last 50,000 or so into the middle, re-raising Maurice Schulmann’s 11,000 opener, and finding himself in a flip with 7♣7♦ against Schulmann’s K♣J♦.

The first four cards were fine: 2♠3♦5♣8♣ but the J♥ on the river ended a dismal day for Niemi.


Kalle Niemi

He was our 33rd player out and that meant tournament officials began breaking another table to consolidate the field around four slabs of felt. As they were doing so, the end of level bell rang, and so there’s a 15-minute break for them to continue their work.

5.20pm: Nice bluff, sir
Konstantin Puchkov played this rather well. On a 2♠8♦K♥ board he moved all-in for 37,000. “Will you show if I fold?” asked the man sitting next to Jani Sointula. “Yes,” came the reply. After a bit of a dwell, there was a fold.

“You said you would show if I folded!”

“OK,” said Puchkov – and flipped 6♣7♥ for complete air. Nice!

5.18pm: From small acorns
Michel Abecassis started the day as one of the short stacks. At one point labouring with a stack of 37,000 the Frenchman now sits with more than 330,000, almost ten times the size. He opened from under the gun, 10,200 total. Moreira called from the big blind for a flop of J♣4♠2♣ which both players checked. After the 6♠ turn Moreira made it 15,000 which Abecassis called for a 10♠ river card. Both checked and it was Moreira on top, showing A♦J♥ before Abecassis passed, tapping the table.

5.16pm: Arm waving Canadians
Luca Pagano made it 11,000 to go from the cut off. Clayton Mozdzen called for a flop of 5♠K♥A♣ and then checked. Pagano made it 13,000 which was again called for a J♣ on the turn. Mozdzen checked again and Pagano made it 30,000 now. With a wave of his arm Mozdzen announced all-in. Pagano passed.


Clayton Mozdzen

5.15pm: Prydryk doubles
Ruslan Prydryk doubled up with 6♣6♥ thanks to a rivered set against Kalle Niemi, good enough to send him up to 180,000.

5.13pm: Two more gone
Two more depart from Casinos Poland. First Jeremi Stępiński was all-in with A♦5♠ but failed to overtake Konstantin Puchkov’s 9♣9♥ on a 10♥6♠Q♦8♥5♥ board. Soon after, at the same table, Alexandre Brivot fell to Jani Sointula. We’re down to 34.

5.10pm: Double ups
Peter Hedlund just doubled up, moving all-in with A♠Q♦ and getting called by Yordan Dimitrov with K♥Q♥. The board ran out 8♠9♦2♥8♦9♠. Hedlund made a “whoo!” noise. “I’m Swedish, what do they think I have?” he asked no one in particular, now up to more than 100,000. Vitaly Lunkin did the same, doubling up after getting his chips in with aces and surviving an encounter with pocket kings. He’s up to 150,000.


Vitaly Lunkin

5.05pm: Pettersson doubles
There are benefits to sitting at Peter Hedund’s table. Free drinks, for one thing. There are also drawbacks: Peter Hedlund chiefly, a chatterbox of international repute. Thomas Pettersson’s stay at the table might have ended recently, when he was all in against Vitaly Lunkin. The betting went: 9,500 from Pettersson in early position; 30,000 from Lunkin on the button, shove from Pettersson and call from Lunkin.

Pettersson was in good shape though. He had A♣K♥ against Lunkin’s A♠Q♦. The board came A♥9♥5♦5♠K♦ and Pettersson doubled up. He also got another beer sent his way from his countryman Hedlund.


Peter Hedlund

5pm: Abecassis has chips
Michel Abecassis called the clock on himself looking at the following things: a board of 8♦6♠7♥9♣K♠, a pot already something like 100,000, and Anatoly Gurtovoy’s stern face, the latter having moved all in with a stack that covered the Frenchman’s. After taking about half of his self-restricted time, Abecassis called for his tournament and Gurtovoy showed 8♥8♣ for the flopped set. Abecassis had 5♠5♥ however for the bottom end of the straight. He stacked up about 200,000 after that.

4.50pm: The Tome of Moreira
Tome Cardoso Moreira moved all in and Alfio Battisti did the calling. He had queens whilst Moreira had A♦K♦. The board ran 4♦7♠J♦K♠3♠. Moreira allowed himself a quiet whoop and began stacking his new chips, up to 180,000.


Tome Cardoso Moreira

4.45pm: Opening and closing
Kalle Niemi opened for 11,000 which Julian Hoffmann Mogensen on the button raised to 26,000. Niemi called. The saw a flop of 7♦2♦6♥ which Niemi checked. Julian Hoffmann Mogensen now made it 35,000. Niemi thought about it. He has a lot of chips but most of them are black and purple and its sizes doesn’t compare to its value. He passed.

4.40pm: No stopping Debus
Alexander Debus picked up a nice 100,000 pot against Tome Cardoso Moreira with having to showdown. Moreira made it 16,000 pre-flop. Call. On the A♠J♣5♠ flop Moreira made it 35,000. Call. Both checked the A♦ turn, and Moreira again checked the 2♠ river – but Debus was having none of that, firing out 65,000, which was enough to force a fold.

4.35pm: Underdog wins No. 2
This time it was Frenchman Michel Abecassis with the slice of luck. After a bit of raising argy-bargy, he went all in for a total of 90,000 with 10♣J♣ but got called by Anotoly Gurtovoy with A♣A♦.

Abecassis needed a lot of help – and he got it as the flop came 3♦2♣3♣5♣J♥ for his flush.

4.30pm: Underdog wins No. 1
Alfio Battisti was all in for 78,000 and in a lot of trouble against Dimity Vitkind, seeing as his A♠5♥ was dominated by A♣10♦.

No matter, the board ran out 8♦5♦3♣7♠8♣ and he doubled up.

4.25pm: Vargas fights on
Dani Vargas doubled up through Kalle Niemi. The Spanish player made it 10,000 from mid-position and Niemi made it 30,000 from the button. Vargas shoved for his last 45,000 or so and Niemi, with a much larger stack, called. Niemi had J♠J♥ but Vargas had A♣A♠. The board was vaguely interesting, even though it changed nothing: Q♣A♥8♣Q♦J♦, so they both finished with full houses. Vargas got a handshake from Santiago Terrazas, who wandered past soon after.

4.15pm: Phillips finished
It would have been extraordinary, but now the dream is dead. The EPT Barcelona champion Carter Phillips is out and he will not become the first double winner. It’s been a wretched day for him today, and the final nail in the coffin was hammered in by Maurice Schulmann.

Phillips had built his micro-stack up to about 20,000 when he shoved it in with A♦8♥. But he ran into Schulmann’s A♥K♦ and the board ran out 5♥J♠10♣5♠K♣. Over and out for Phillips.

4.05pm: And…
Players are back from the break and the reason this is a picture of Jeff Sarwer is that he is the chip leader.


On with level 15.


Jeff Sarwer


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