EPT Warsaw: Day 5, level 23 updates

October 25, 2009


Live updates from day five, level 23 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 12,000-24,000 (2,000 ante)

4.15pm: At the end of the level
On a flop of 10♦4♣Q♦ Vaserfirer made it 30,000 which Battisti called for a 9♠ on the turn. Both checked that for a 3♥ river card. Another 50,000 from Vaserfirer, called by the Italian. Vaserfirer showed A♥Q♣ to take the pot.


Alfio Battisti

4.07pm: Chips
After that monstrous hand a few moments ago, and the not so monstrous couple since then, the approximate counts are as follows:

Oleksandr Vaserfirer – 2,300,000
Christophe Benzimra – 1,900,000
Luca Pagano – 1,200,000
Alfio Battisti – 1,100,000

Don’t forget you can always find all the raw stats at the following places:


4.05pm: Pagano punches again
Luca Pagano made it 70,000 on the button and Oleksandr Vaserfirer three-bet to 180,000. It was folded back to Pagano, who found a four-bet all in. Vaserfirer seemed like he was about to call, but didn’t.

4pm: Ruslan Prydyk out in fifth place, winning €71,041 (295,770 PLN)
Here we go then. Vaserfirer opened for 70,000 which Prydyk raised to 250,000 from the button. Benzimra then said: “I’m all in,” prompting Vaserfirer to ask for a count. The answer was 602,000, but then Vaserfirer asked for a count of Prydyk’s stack as well. 620,000. Vaserfirer looked at his cards once more. Ready to fold? Nope, he called. Prydyk made a bewildered expression and said: “Call.”

A three way showdown with two players all-in:

Vaserfirer: A♣A♠ (I found myself saying “geez…” out loud)
Prydyk: Q♥Q♠
Benzimra: J♣J♥

By now cameras were clicking, some just held aloft for a point and hope shot. The flop brought more drama: 10♥4♣J♦. Benzimra was ahead. 7♦K♣. Benzimra stayed ahead, tripling up and sending Prydyk to the rail.


Ruslan Prydryk

3.45pm: Alfio all in
After Ruslan Prydyk raises to 70,000 from the button, Alfio Battisti moves all in from the small blind. He covers both Christophe Benzimra, in the big blind, and Prydyk, so either of them will have to play for their tournament life. Neither fancies is as they both fold.

3.42pm: First eliminations in moving pictures
A little earlier we told how our first two bust outs were Anatoly Gurtovoy and Alexander Klimashin. Now you can watch the agony for both the Russians…

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day 5: First eliminations on PokerStars.tv

3.40pm: Benzimra all in
Vaserfirer made it 70,000 to start. Battisti called that but Christophe Benzimra moved all in for 380,000 more. Vaserfirer passed but Battisti went into the tank, eventually emerging to fold.

3.30pm: Pagano takes a nibble from neighbour
Luca Pagano and Oleksandr Vaserfirer, sitting next to one another, have been getting involved more than most. In a recent battle of the blinds, they saw a flop of 7♠8♠6♠ and Pagano check-called Vaserfirer’s 24,000 bet. He also check-called Vaserfirer’s turn bet, this time 50,000 after the 4♥ came off. The river was 8♥ and Pagano now led
and Pagano now led at it, 120,000. Vaserfirer folded immediately.

3.25pm: Clayton Mozdzen out in sixth place, earning €56,144 (233,750 PLN)
The short stack Clayton Mozdzen makes it 70,000 pre-flop. Alfio Battisti raises to 176,000 leaving Mozdzen little option but to shove. “I’m in,” he said before asking for a flopped straight when he showed A♠K♣. He’d need that because Battisti showed A♥A♦. The board ran 9♦Q♠2♥7♣3♦, eliminating the Canadian.


Clayton Mozdzen

3.20pm: Mozdzen’s one move
Clayton Mozdzen is now our short stack, but he’s not afraid to get it in. Luca Pagano raised to 65,000 from the cut off and Mozdzen announced he was all in from the small blind. It was back around to Pagano, who needed to find another 233,000 to call. Not this time.

3.10pm: To the river
Luca Pagano completes the small blind for a flop of J♠6♥7♣. He then makes it 45,000 which is called by Oleksandr Vaserfirer in the big blind. They both check the Q♥ turn for a K♠ river card. Now Pagano makes it 80,000 which Vaserfirer calls. But Pagano shows K♥10♠ to win the hand.


Luca Pagano

3.05pm: Check checking
Ruslan Prydyk checks blind a flop of 7♣10♣K♠. Clayton Mozdzen makes it 26,000 which is called for a 7♦ turn card. That’s checked too, as is the 5♠ river. Prydyk shows 8♠10♦ to take the pot.

3.02pm: Here’s a video
And it’s the video blog team’s capture of the start of the day. Go on, click the little white triangle. You know you want to…

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day 5: It’s the final table! on PokerStars.tv

3pm: New level counts
The new level begins with the players sitting with the following stacks:

Luca Pagano 894,000
Oleksandr Vaserfirer 3,060,000
Clayton Mozdzen 412,000
Ruslan Prydyk 655,000
Alfio Battisti 648,000
Christophe Benzimra 420,000

2.50pm: Players refreshing
Players are still on their break. We’ll be back shortly.



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