EPT Warsaw: Day four, level 18 updates

October 24, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 18 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 4,000-8,000 (500 ante)

2.10pm: Level end
There’s a lot of folding the three tables at the moment – after the flurry of eliminations. We gently drifted to the first break of the day 17-handed.

The full chip counts are coming and they will be on the chip count page.

2pm: Bully
Oleksandr Vaserfirer is now in what seems to be complete command of his table, although Jeff Sarwer is intent on not letting him have it his own way. The two of them, in the blinds, had got about 120,000 in the pot by the time the turn was out: Q♦3♠6♠8♦. Vaserfirer bet 76,000 at that and after a long, long time Sarwer folded. Vaserfirer showed K♥4♣ and got an appreciative rap on the table from Sarwer, who added: “Better than me!” The Canadian then asked Vaserfirer if he’d have called a push with king high. He got no reply but Sarwer said: “He would call my draw with king high to knock me out.” Sarwer has about 295,000 now.

1.50pm: The calm after the storm
Peter Hedlund moved all-in on the button, again. He’d tried before with no takers but this time Alfio Battisti called in the big blind. “Sh*t,” said Hedlund. Battisti showed K♦Q♣ but Hedlund was slightly ahead with A♣7♥. The board came: 5♦7♠8♠Q♥Q♦. Hedlund had found hope on the flop but elimination on the turn and river.


Peter Hedlund

1.40pm: Lellouche hits the rail
Moments after Vitaly Lunkin’s departure, there was another all in on the neighbouring table and it was Antony Lellouche under threat. It was a battle of the blinds against Nikolay Tsanev, who had raised from the small blind, only to see Lellouche shove for about 120,000 from the big.


Antony Lellouche

Tsanev picked this one off though, instantly calling with 8♠8♥. Lellouche was at it with 7♦5♥ and the flop was pretty, but not very helpful: K♥Q♦J♦. The turn was J♠ and the river 2♥.

Lellouche was sent packing, alongside Deeb, Abecassis and Lunkin in a day that is hardly favouring the established “names”.

1.35pm: Lunkin latest to depart
Oleksandr Vaserfirer opened to 20,500 on the button and Vitaly Lunkin, from the small blind, moved all in. So far, so ordinary: Vaserfirer has been opening all the time with his monstrous stack and Lunkin, relatively short, has had to stick them in.

But the twist this time was that Jeff Sarwer in the big blind called, which was enough to get Vaserfirer out the way as they went to a flop for Lunkin’s tournament life.


Vitaly Lunkin

Lunkin was ahead with A♥2♥, up against Sarwer’s K♣J♠. The flop and turn were blank but the river was J♣ and Lunkin’s day is done in 20th place.

1.35pm: Where did Deeb go?
Keep track of all the results during the day on the payout page.

1.30pm: Michel Abecassis eliminated in 21st place
Schulmann and Abecassis moved in again with no takers either time. It’s not long before Abecassis has his chips in the middle though. After a bet of 20,000 by Julian Mogensen on the button Abecassis moved all in on the big blind for 72,000. Mogensen called showing 4♦4♠ to the Frenchman’s A♥8♦. The board came: 6♠3♣3♥Q♥K♦. Abecassis becomes the 21st place finisher.


Michel Abecassis

1.25pm: Lellouche with a whoosh
Lellouche opened for 21,000 and was raised by Christophe Benzimra to 56,000. Lellouche then moved all-in for 160,000 more, covering Benzimra who folds. Lellouche still waiting for that first full cigarette.

1.20pm: Schulmann shoves
Maurice Schulmann shoved in with A♥A♦ and was called by Anatoly Gurtovoy with A♠K♠. He was already disappointed but after a board of Q♣9♦10♠K♦6♣ he looked even worse. Schulmann doubles up.

1.18pm: Abecassis still alive
Michel Abecassis shoved all-in with 8♠5♠ and was called by Ruslan Prydryk with 10♦K♦. The board comes: 8♣J♥5♣Q♦K♠ giving Abecassis two pairs and more chips.

1.15pm: Biggest pot of the tournament
And it doesn’t make good reading for overnight runaway leader Jeff Sarwer. He’s just lost the lead – and a good deal of his chips to Oleksandr Vaserfirer, who is now the chip daddy with more than 1.2 million.

Vaserfirer, from Ukraine, made it 25,000 and Sarwer re-raised to 58,000. Vaserfirer then put a mountain of yellow 5,000 chips – more than 150,000 – to which Sarwer responded: “All-in.” Insta call from Vaserfirer:

Vaserfirer: A♠K♥
Sarwer: 8♥8♠

A classic race, and the most expensive we’ve seen all week. The board was a hammer-blow for Sarwer, coming 2♣A♥7♦10♠7♣.

“What can I do?” said the Canadian, as tournament staff counted Vaserfirer’s 623,000 chips.


Oleksandr Vaserfirer

From such a commanding position, Sarwer is now down to around 380,000.

1.10pm: Hedlund ups
Swede Peter Hedlund has been unusually quiet this morning. Maybe the rather large quantity of refreshment he had yesterday has caught up with him. But expect him to become rowdy once more after this hand…

Hedlund got his 100,000 all-in with K♦10♥ but was called by Michel Abecassis with A♦Q♦. The flop was kind for the Swede – 9♠10♣4♣, and the turn was a gift coming 10♦. The Q♣ river simply rubbed Abecassis’ nose in it. He’s down to 35,000.

The new level is under way, and this was the first pressing (and for many depressing) news item:

1.05pm: Deeb done
The Shaun Deeb live adventure is over for another event. He shoved from the small blind, after it was folded around, but his J♥3♠ was looked up by Jani Sointula’s A♠9♠. The flop came A♥8♥8♣ and none of the miracles appeared on either turn or river. Deeb is our 22nd placed finisher.


Shaun Deeb, yesterday


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