EPT Warsaw: Day four, level 19 updates

October 24, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 19 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante)

3.40pm: Nikolay Tsanev eliminated in 13th
On the last hand of this level, Nikolay Tsanev thought he was on for double up but ran into a straight.

He made it 24,000 and was called by Ruslan Prydryk. The flop came 6♠Q♣8♦, Prydryk checked and Tsanev made it 31,000. Call. On the 10♦ river Prydryk again checked, and now Tsanev moved all-in for around 140,000 – insta-call, and here’s why:

Tsanev: Q♥10♣
Prydryk: 7♠9♠

Prydryk had the straight, and the K♣ river was not enough for Tsanev to overtake with a full house.

3.37pm: Here’s JC Alvarado
And if the Team PokerStars Pro looks a little tired in the video below, it’s because he’s just been playing a 22-hour long cash game!

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day4: Here’s JC Alvarado on PokerStars.tv

3.35pm: A lull
There have been hands, but few get close to a showdown. One does. Ruslan Prydryk made it 35,000 on a flop of J♣8♥10♥ which Clayton Mozdzen check-called. The both checked the 2♠ turn but on the 3♠ river Mozdzen made it 40,000. Prydryk called pretty fast showing J♠5♠, taking the pot when Mozdzen showed Q♦10♦.

3.18pm: Maurice Schulmann eliminated in 14th
It was inevitable that after the hand below, Schulmann would put his remaining chips in the middle on the next hand. That’s exactly what happened.

Oleksandr Vaserfirer made it 22,000 under the gun – exactly what Schulmann had left after he paid his 1,000 ante – Schulmann called all-in, as did Anatoly Gurtovoy in the big blind. With action on the side, no hands were shown as the other two checked down the 9♦K♠7♥5♣6♥ board. All on their backs:

Schulmann: J♥2♥ for nothing
Vaserfirer: 10♥J♦ for nothing
Gurtovoy: 5♣7♦ for a winning two pair.

3.15pm: Schulmann crippled
Maurice Schulmann is down to the felt with just over two big blinds after the following clash:

Alexander Debus made it 25,000 pre-flop, and Luca Pagano called from the button. But Schulmann dwelled a little in the small blind before raising it up to 110,000. Debus moved all in for around 240,000 more, and after Pagano got out of the way, Schulmann called:

Schulmann: J♣J♦
Debus: A♥K♠

Debus was all-in and needed to catch. He was happy enough to see the board run 4♦10♦8♦K♣4♥ and moved up to over 500,000.

Schulmann was left with 23,000.

3.10pm: Double bust; down to 14
Almost immediately after the consolidation of the tables, a player was all in on each. Both of them were short stacks – Dani Vargas and Tome Cardoso Moreira – and both were up against the big stacks of Oleksandr Vaserfirer and Jani Sointula, respectively.

Vargas first. He raised to 25,000 from mid position and Vaserfirer made it 55,000 from the button. It was folded back to the Spanish player and he dwelled before moving all in, for his last 150,000-odd.

Vaserfirer called and they were racing. Vargas had A♥Q♦ and Vaserfirer 8♣8♦. The board ran out 5♦3♦6♠5♠5♣ and that was that for the vanquished Vargas.

As that was happening, so was this: Jani Sointula raised from the button and Tome Cardoso Moreira shoved all in, for about 100,000, from the small blind. Sointula called. These two also went to the races: Sointula had J♠K♦ against Moreira’s 3♥3♣.

This time the pocket pair was no good, however, as the board came 8♦A♠K♠. A three never appeared and those two depart, each earning €10,314 (42,940 PLN).

3pm: It’s that man again
Star of the video blogs Luca Pagano helps introduce the start of day four.

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2.50pm: Two tables
A bet of 20,000 from Clayton Mozdzen before Julian Mogensen moved all-in. Mozdzen called, covering Mogensen and showing A♣J♦. Mogensen had K♦K♣. The board ran 10♦Q♥8♠Q♦A♥ Mogensen had been good until the river but now becomes the 17th place finisher. That means we’re down to two tables.

2.40pm: Don’t try this at home, folks
Jeff Sarwer has added nicely to his stack – another 130,000 or so – thanks to these successive hands against Russia’s Aleksey Yuzikov.

Hand 1:
Sarwer makes it 23,000, Yuzikov re-pops to 56,000. Sarwer moves all-in, and Yuzikov folds, revealing a rather poor 10-4.

Hand 2:
Sarwer makes it 23,000, Yuzikov re-pops to 56,000. Sarwer moves all-in, and Yuzikov folds, revealing a rather poor 10-4.

That’s not some writing mistake – the hands really were identical with excatly the same action.

“You’re giving me a lot of freebies,” said Sarwer. “I appreciate it.”

Yuzikov is now down to 150,000 or so, and needs to stop re-raising with 10-4 offsuit!

2.35pm: Mozdzen chipping up
Clayton Mozdzen’s table is the one featuring only five players – and he’s making the most of it, seemingly raising most hands and picking up the blinds and antes. As a result, he’s up to over half a million now.

2.33pm: Michelle Orpe’s tears
EPT TV presenter Michelle Orpe went out on Day 2 after some bloke with J-Q hit a straight on the river. By the looks of this video, she’s none too pleased…

Watch EPT6_Warsaw_Day4_MichelleOrpe_lifeafterpoker on PokerStars.tv

2.30pm: A gentle reminder


2.25pm: Play resumes
Refreshed stale coffee and fresh cigarettes, players are back in their seats for level 19. Check out the latest chip counts.


Our chip-leader Oleksandr Vaserfirer, foreground, being railed by Alexander Kravchenko


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