EPT Warsaw: Day four, level 20 updates

October 24, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 20 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 6,000-12,000 (1,000 ante)

5.10pm: And with that, level 20 is done
Shall I add anything to that headline? Nope. See you in level 21.

5.05pm: Pagano head of the family
Luca Pagano, Alexandre Debus and Jeff Sarwer get to a three-way flop, with Sarwer under the gun, Pagano one to his left and Debus in the big blind. (They’re playing five handed, by the way.) The flop comes K♠10♦6♣ and Debus checks, Sarwer bets 56,000 and Pagano calls. Debus is persuaded along too. The turn is 2♥ and Debus checks, as does Sarwer, but Pagano bets 120,000. Debus folds as Sarwer announces: “OK, critical hand here.” He gets zero information from Pagano though, and eventually folds.

4.50pm: Vaserfirer shows what he’s made of
Oleksandr Vaserfirer had just made a hero call with jack high, and it was good. In fairness, it wasn’t a huge pot but it’s worth noting that he’s not just a wanton aggressor. Vaserfirer raises to 30,000 under-the-gun, and Alexandre Debus and Jeff Sarwer call, Sarwer on the button. All three check a flop of 6♣8♦Q♠ and the turn is 2♥. Vaserfirer and Debus check, Sarwer bets 25,000 and Vaserfirer is the only called. The river is Q♣ and after Vaserfirer checks, Sarwer bets 45,000. That’s when Vaserfirer calls, shows J♦10♦ and Sarwer mucks.

4.40pm: Aleksey Yuzikov heads for the exit – out in 11th
I don’t know if it was just me, but I sensed there was a bit of needle between Jeff Sarwer and Aleksey Yuzikov. They’d been involved in many pots today already, including two successive hands where Yuzikov failed to bluff Sarwer twice with 10-4 offsuit.

If this was a car crash waiting to happen, it just did. And Yuzikov was the victim.

Sarwer made it 30,000 on the button, Luca Pagano folded from the small blind, and Yuzikov announced all-in. Sarwer called instantly with A♦A♥, and Yuzikov let out a yelp of disgust as he turned over A♣8♥.

The 5♦3♣8♦ offered hope of an unlikely outdraw, but the J♥[ turn and 2♥ river was not what he needed.

“I don’t know what it is,” Sarwer said, “but every time I get aces I get paid off.”

Must be nice.

4.30pm: Jani the Sointula next to go
On a flop of 10♠3♣4♠ Alfio Battisti made it 50,000 from the small blind with around 60,000 in the pot already. Jani Sointula in the big blind moved all-in, 130,000 or so more. Battisti thinks for several minutes before calling. Sointula shows Q♠J♠ for a flush draw while Battisti showed no fear turning over 10♦9♦. The 9♦ turn card was good for Battisti but Sointula still had outs. None came, a 9♣ on the river to send him out in 12th place.

4.20pm: Marcin in moving pictures
Here’s Team PokerStars Pro: Poland player Marcin Horecki – here supporting his Jeff Sarwer and Luca Pagano as they head for a final table spot…

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day 4: Marcin Horecki on PokerStars.tv

4.15pm: Pagano doubles
After an uncomfortably long period of raising and then folding to a three-bet, Luca Pagano has found the double up he was looking for. Alexandre Debus raised from the button to 28,000 and Pagano moved all in from the big blind. It was another 161,000 and after due deliberation, Debus called. Pagano had K♣K♠ against Debus’ A♠8♥ and although an eight flopped, it was not enough. Pagano is now back in this one.

4.10pm: Mozdzen most definitely
Alfio Battisti opened for 31,000 from under the gun. It was folded to Clayton Mozdzen in the big blind who called for a 8♠K♠3♠ flop. Both checked for a 6♦ turn. Mozdzen made it 42,000 now, called by Battisti for a 5♠ river card. Another 92,000 from Mozdzen, enough to chase Battisti out of the hand. Mozdzen showed 7♣7♦.

4.05pm: Are they back from the break yet?
Yes! They’re back. Level 20 begins. Get the latest scores on the chip count page. Our tournament leader right now is Oleksandr Vaserfirer with more than 1.5 million.


Clayton Mozdzen


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