EPT Warsaw: Day three, level 16 updates

October 23, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 16 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante)

6.58pm: Two gone
I didn’t see Yordan Dimitrov’s exit, I just heard it: an almighty thump as he nearly punched a hole through the table, drinks and chips stacks wobbling from the force, his all in not holding. Just 26 players remain now as players take a 15 minute break at the end of the level.

6.55pm: One gone
Paul Schulmann moved all-in after playing the waiting game for some time. It was 66,000 to call and Anatoly Gurtovoy was happy to, turning over A♦A♠ to Schulmann’s Q♠K♦. The board came 9♣3♥5♥J♠Q♦. Before the river Schulmann said “Come on,” in the same way you might say “One time!” when playing your one time chip. He’s gone.

6.50pm: Hedlund land
Again with Peter Hedlund. This time he moved all-in with A♥10♣ and is called by Domantas Klimciauskas with 3♠3♦. The board is kind to the Swede, running: 10♥2♥4♠10♦8♣. Still below 100,000 though.


Peter Hedlund

6.48pm: Adieu, Genadiew
Anton Genadiew is out. All-in for 60,000 with 4-4, he was called by Alexander Debus holding A-J. It was a race that started well enough for Genadiew as the flop came 10♦6♠8♣, but the turn and river were rather devastating – both were aces.

6.45pm: That’s what we call a nice flop No. 2
Alexander Klimashin makes it 12,000, and Anatoly Gurtovoy re-pops to 32,000. Klimashin shoves, Gurtovoy calls!

Klimashin: J♦J♥
Gurtovoy: A♥K♥

A convincing board for Gurtovoy, this one… A♣A♠9♠K♠3♦. He doubles to 320,000. Klimashin down to around 70,000.

6.40pm: That’s what we call a nice flop No. 1
Domantas Klimciauskas thought he was in a great spot with K♦K♥ against the all-in of Thomas Pettersson, who had A♣K♣. Alas – for Klimciauskas, at least – the flop came A♠A♥Q♠, and turn and river 10♠3♠. A double up for Petterson, who now has around 200,000.

6.35pm: Judah jinxed
Mel Judah is out, coming third in a three-way coup. Christophe Benzimra started it, making a standard raise from under-the-gun, which was called by Judah on the button and Konstantin Puchkov in the big blind. The flop came 2♦10♣7♠ and now here came the fireworks. Puchkov checked, Benzimra bet 26,500 and Judah moved all in for his last 90,000 or something close. Puchkov proved to be no pushover either as he now shoved all in too, covering the Australian.

Benzimra agonised over a call but laid it down, later claiming it was kings. That was a good fold: Puchkov had 2♠2♣ and had flopped a set, which was also well ahead of Judah’s 10♦J♦. There were no miracles on turn and river and Judah departs.


Mel Judah

6.30pm: Deeb damaged
Jeff Sarwer opened another hand for 12,000. Shaun Deeb two to his left called from the cut off and they saw a flop of 2♦10♠Q♥. Sarwer carried on where he’d left off, betting 17,000 which Deeb called and did the same with a 31,000 bet on the 10♠ turn, which Deeb called. On the 3♠ river Sarwer again wasted no time going to his stack, betting another 26,000. Deeb took a minute, removing his sunglasses and considering his options. He opted for calling. Sarwer showed Q♦K♣ and Deeb mucked. Out-kicked he had queen-jack.

6.25pm: Crazy in the Hedlund
Peter Hedlund raised the hopes of a lot of people downstairs when he moved in. Some are tiring of his constant chatter and hoped the all-in would be the end of him, but those with a soft spot for the Swede were happy to see no one call. Hedlund still in and still talking.

6.20pm: A sliver out of Sarwer
Alexander Klimashin just found a way to beat Jeff Sarwer in a hand, although you wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. Klimashin raised from early position, making it 12,000. Sarwer called on the button and Anatoly Gurtovoy called in the big blind too. The flop came 4♠7♦8♠ and all three of them checked. The turn was 5♠ and it went check, check before Sarwer bet 16,500. Gurtovoy folded but Klimashin called and the river came 8♦. Klimashin checked again, Sarwer bet 23,500, and Klimashin called. Sarwer announced ace high, showing A♥2♥ but Klimashin’s 10♣6♠ had turned a straight.

6.15pm: Real hands?
Shaun Deeb raises to 11,500 from the hijack and Antony Lellouche makes it 29,500 from the button. It’s passed back to Deeb, who folds A♣10♥ face up, saying, “I’m pretty sure this is the best hand.” There’s nothing wrong with that read per se – Lellouche is a three-betting machine – but it’s way off in this instance. The Frenchman shows pocket kings. “Well, it was the best of the three hands I just raised with,” says Deeb, downscaling his claim somewhat.


Antony Lellouche

6.10pm: Staying alive
Wojciech Polak doubled up with Q♥5♦ against Spain’s Dani Vargas’ 6♦6♣, thanks to a queen falling on the turn. He’s still relatively short, however (I mean his chips, he’s probably quite tall).

6.05pm: Deeb weilds the axe
Shaun Deeb just disposed of the Swede Tomas Sayech, the pair getting it all-in pre-flop:

Sayech: A♣Q♣
Deeb: 10♥10♣

Time for a race, and it ended perfectly for Deeb as the board ran K♠8♥3♣10♦8♠ for a pretty full house. He’s now up to 270,000 and in a nice position in the chip count, although may feel a little uncomfortable being just two seats away from runaway leader Jeffrey Sarwer.

6.01pm: Monster for Sarwer
Jeffrey Sarwer now sits behind a mountain of chips approaching 900,000 after a huge hand against Piotr Kiliński. Sarwer raised to 11,500, Kiliński re-raised to 35,000. Sarwer made it 85,000 and Kiliński went all-in for a total of more than 300,000. Sarwer called with aces, Kiliński had A-K… and was praying for a miracle. It didn’t come as the board ran 2-10-5-4-10.

6pm: Constant Konstatin
Konstantin Puchkov opened for 12,000 which Michel Abecassis called from the big blind. The flop came A♣4♠2♥ which both players checked. They did the same again on the 10♠ turn. When a J♣ arrived on the river Abecassis kept on the tradition of checking, but Puchkov was ready with a 25,000 bet that spilled out of his hand. Good enough for the pot.

5.55pm: Puchkov pushes off
Michel Abecassis opened for 12,500 in late position. The action was folded to Konstantin Puchkov in the big blind, who called for a 4♦J♥2♥ flop. Puchkov checked before Abecassis won the hand with a 17,500 bet.

5.50pm: Chips
As ever, the chip monkeys have done their bidding and the full, official count for our remaining 32 players is on the chip count page. Jeff Sarwer is the first man to pass 500,000.


5.40pm: Pagano tells all
While we’re waiting for play to restart, here’s a good chat with Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano, in which he describes his start to day three…

Watch EPT6_Warsaw_Day3_Luca_Pagano on PokerStars.tv

5.35pm: New level
There are 32 players remaining on four tables. We need to lose one more table or eight players, which is the same thing.

A full chip count is under way (which will appear on the chip count page) and there’s every chance this man will still be top of the tree. His name is Jeff Sarwer.


Jeff Sarwer


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