EPT10 Barcelona: Gury Gury gone

September 07, 2013

The loneliest man in Spain right now is Benoit Gury. The Frenchman just became the sixth place finisher, sent to the rail by a delighted, if slightly tactless Kersten Nielsen, whose star just keeps on ascending.

Gury will have had hopes of at least laddering one place in the pay-outs. Tom Middleton, whose supporters have filled the rail, along with empty beer glasses, moved all-in with jack-ten against the pocket nines of Luca Fiorini.


The final table takes center stage in the tournament room

The jack on the flop provoked a great cheer, along with cries of “hold!” and “stay!”, and then “deuce!” as the turn and river brought blanks. There were then more cheers and the cry of “In the hole,” to the tune of “Stars and Stripes Forever”. Middleton tried to ignore them and soon the crowd stopped, slightly embarrassed by their sudden silence.

Meanwhile, wedding bells across Italy were being muffled. In an interview yesterday, Fiorini had promised to marry his girlfriend, buy a house and have children if he wins today – not if he comes second. But with the cost of weddings these days, not to mention a house and kids, the €625,000 for second just won’t meet the bills.

Within a hand the Italian’s chances improved slightly as Gury faced his fate. He shoved with ace-king of diamonds, which Nielsen called with ace-six off. Nielsen can hardly do wrong and the six on the flop prompted predictable scenes.

Nielsen leapt out of his chair, wanting to make noise but finding no noise would be good enough. Instead he turned and pumped his fist, turning it into a kind of right hook. But if it had been a real right hook it would have missed. He finished his moved with a ‘twerk’, which made his friends laugh.

The Frenchman was out moments later as Nielsen did a victory lap, finally jogging back to bid Gury adieu. Gury left, apparently not supported by anyone.

The English were not done, chanting “Is it enough? Is it enough?” to a tune I didn’t recognise.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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