EPT10 Sanremo: Andrea Benelli rains on Andrija Martic’s parade

April 20, 2014

The average person breathes out half a little of CO2 per breath, which in the case of Jordan Westmorland and Andrija Martic is all water vapour. The pair of them draw regularly on e-cigarettes, which look more like miniature hukas, sending billows of water vapour into the air above the table.

The stage lights are keeping the temperature on stage quite warm, much warmer than off it. Sooner or later this water vapour will collide with the particles of dust in the air and, when they get bigger and start sticking together, clouds will inevitably form on stage.


Andrija Martic, disappearing in a cloud of smoke water vapour

Trouble will come at the break when, with the warm air suddenly cooled, the moisture will become liquid. Then it will start to rain over the TV stage.

Then again, as any school kid with a jar, some ice cubes and a hot water tap will tell you, this is effectively impossible (for the record any vapour that escaped the air conditioning would simple form as condensation on the theatre walls), but it’s made more so now that Martic has departed in seventh place.

His end came when, down to 570,000 he shoved with ace-jack. Andrea Benelli, seemingly unstoppable right now, called with king-jack of spades in the big blind which became a flush on the river.

Playing the part of the over-achiever, with only two live cashes to his name, Martic grinned his way through this event, and in departing picks up €76,650, which in most people’s books is not only enough to prompt a grin, but to enough cause them to laugh hysterically whilst rolling around on the floor.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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