EPT11 Barcelona: What goes up must come down

August 23, 2014

For the past two days everyone in Barcelona has been focused on how high the number of entrants would climb. From 12pm local time today that number would begin to drop and it’s been a drop of Kingda Ka proportions.

The world over the start of Day 2 of a poker tournament guarantees a rash of exits as the players who’ve clung on to make it through Day 1 commit their chips to try and get themselves a playable stack with which to get back in the game. But, this is a long tournament, the money bubble won’t be reached today and the serious money not dished out until day’s four, five and six. On the EPT the pace of the dropouts is usually more sedate, a lope rather than a sprint.


The sign no one wants to see in Barcelona

However, today is different, it has been a whirlwind start with over 100 players busting out during the opening 75 minute level and players constantly marching through the long corridor that connects the secondary tournament room – where tables are being broke – and the main tournament room.

The Poker Gods have no favourites, the cards no memory and no reputations have been smiled on favourably. Take David Vamplew for instance, the EPT7 London winner went out in a hand against Zoltan Purak that’s so bonkers it should have its own padded cell. After raising the flop and betting the turn, Vamplew moved all-in on the river of a 8♠4♥Q♠9♠8♦ with A♠5♠, he got a call and found that Purak had the only had that could beat him, J♠10♠ for a straight flush. Ouch.

Whilst Vamplew only started the day with 19,200 another EPT champion, who started with almost double the average stack, has joined him on the rail.
Anton Wigg, who’s had success in a side event already this week in Barcelona, returned today with a healthy stack of 92,000. He’d dropped to 50,000 by the time he got it in with kings on a jack high board. But, Joe Ebanks had got sneaky with aces and that was that.

They’re not the only big names to have found their Day 2 cut short:

Nor will Kyle Julius, Thomas Muhlocker, Roberto Romanello, Dan Smith, Martin Staszko, Jonathan Little, Craig McCorkell, Eugene Katchalov, Marvin Rettenmaier, Paul Testud, Senh Ung, Maxim Panyak, Max Greenwood, Julian Track, Lasse Frost, Andrey Gulyy or Steve Watts be the 100th EPT Main Event winner. As the first break of the day approaches there are 711 players left in the tournament.

Follow all the action from the tournament floor on the main EPT Barcelona page. There’s hand-by-hand coverage in the panel at the top, including chip counts, and feature pieces below. There’s also EPT Live, which is streaming action from Day 2 of the Main Event.


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