EPT11 Grand Final: Games within games as the High Roller bubble nears

May 07, 2015

Poker is a game, but then there’s the game within the game. And the game within that game. And so on.

You know what we mean. And we know that you know what we mean. And you know that we do.

The games within games have been continuing in earnest today on Day 2 of the €25K High Roller, having just reached the dinner break with 32 players remaining from a big 215-entry starting field. With 31 cashing, that puts them squarely on the money bubble when they return, at which point Andrey Andreev will be coming back to the chip lead with 1,175,000.

EPT_GrandFinal-892_Andrey Andreev-thumb-450x300-260331-2.jpg

Andrey Andreev
Martin Jacobson (896,000), Dario Sammartino (725,000), Jeremy Ausmus (645,000), and Imad Derwiche (547,000) comprise those nearest to Andreev at present.

EPT_GrandFinal-739_Martin Jacobson.jpg

Martin Jacobson
Jacobson earned some of his chips with a recent knockout of Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu who joined teammates Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Eugene Katchalov, and Liv Boeree on the rail. Meanwhile Team PokerStars Pro Online member Isaac Haxton is still alive with a below average stack of 227,000.

Jacobson additionally knocked out Artem Metalidi in 33rd place, two off the money, using pocket kings to best the Ukrainian’s pocket tens. Quan Zhou and Faraz Jaka were others going out just shy of the cash, Jaka in a three-way all-in hand involving Scott Seiver and Dan Smith. In that one, Smith’s ace-queen prevailed over Seiver’s ace-king and Jaka’s pair of tens when a queen landed on the river to end Jaka’s run.

Both Smith (285,000) and Seiver (200,000) are on the short side right now, with Davidi Kitai currently 32nd of 32 with just 50,000.

Speaking of Seiver — and the river — we had a story from last night to share concerning both.

Seiver has had an excellent EPT11 Grand Final, having already won one side event in Monaco this week and final tabling both of the Super High Rollers. He also picked up a gift from Anatoly Filatov, a set of Russian nesting dolls he’s had at the table during this event.


Scott Seiver
Yesterday Seiver was using the dolls as a way to track his fifth-street play, taking one out each time he raised someone on the river, then putting one back whenever someone raised him. Late during the day four of the dolls, each smaller than the next one, were out, indicating he’d been the aggressor a few more times than his opponents at that point.

Steve O’Dwyer came over to ask about the dolls, and as he explained Seiver pointed to each successively.

“Bluff… value… bluff,” he said, pointing to each of the raises he’d made. Was he lying or not? Only Seiver knows, the truth hidden somewhere within.

The High Roller games — and games within games — will continue into the night.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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