EPT11 Grand Final: Kabrhel twisting his thing

May 03, 2015

twisty_thing_main_event_3may15.jpgKabrhel’s twisty thing

Poker players have always looked for distractions while they play, usually opting for a mobile phone or tablet to flick away the idle moments between hands. Martin Kabrhel though has chosen a more analogue approach for the closing stages of Day 1B.

He’s playing with a kind of hexagonal Rubix cube. Actually it’s not hexagonal, but I don’t know which “agonal” 12 sides of pentagon shapes add up to.

He started playing with it at the start of level seven, and while his chips are not as healthy as he might have liked, he was making great progress with the twisty thing, and made quick work of the blue side, nodding to himself as he got closer to the solution. If he were six his nose would be sticking out.

Pretty soon he had everyone else interested, and even I’ve missed a few hands (I think someone doubled up, I can’t be certain) With everyone’s attention stolen Kabrhel paused for a moment to play a hand, winning a good sized pot before picking up the twisty thing again.

Now it had become like a fish tank, utterly mesmerizing if you looked at it for longer than a few seconds. Dario Sammartino asked about it. Kabrhel said he’d had it a few weeks but only now was giving it a go. “I have half,” he said, holding it up proudly.

“Half is better than nothing,” said Sammartino. And again, I missed a hand.

With half the level gone Kabrhel had passed the point where ordinary men would have given up, or at least begun peeling off and re-arranged the stickers. One player asked if he could have a go. Kabrhel told him no.

Martin_Kabrhel_main_evnt_3may15.jpgMartin Kabrhel twisting his thing

But any suggestion that, like me, Kabrhel had given up paying attention to the game would have been inaccurate. As he twisted the thing even more, completing the yellow, orange, magenta, blue and green sides, he suddenly turned to Romain Paon in the seat next to him who was busy raking in some chips.

“You bet the flop?”


“Did you bet the flop?”

“Yes, I bet the flop.”

Content again Kabrhel got back to twisting his thing.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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