EPT11 Grand Final: Poker is fun with Daniel Negreanu

May 01, 2015


Negreanu – enjoying his poker both live and online

“I like to show every hand,” said Daniel Negreanu to Dario Sammartino. The Canadian had just three-bet from the big blind over the top of the Italian’s early position raise. After some tanking Sammartino folded and Negreanu proffered to the Italian that he could pick one card. Negreanu first showed the A♠ followed generously by the A♦. “When the old guy three-bets from the big blind it’s always, AA, KK, QQ or A-K isn’t it?” said Negreanu laughing.

There’s something infectious about Negreanu’s love of the game and his relaxed demeanour at the table. Most of the other players at the table are smiling and it seems a fun place to be. Unless you’ve been detached from the internet for the past fortnight, you’ll know that another fun place to be is Twitch. Negrenau has been showing a lot of hands, every hand in fact, as he’s started streaming on his own channel here. As well as some interesting high stakes mixed games action – and strategy advice – Daniel showed that he’s still got a few leaks in his game too.

Shortly after Negreanu took the pot against Sammartino, Mike McDonald struck up a conversation with Negreanu about his recent Twtich endeavours. “I really like doing the 8-game stuff,” Negreanu said. “It’s more work because you have to explain the rules to games but I want more people to play the different games and not just play hold’em and that’s one way to do it,” he continued.

If you want to learn more about games other than hold’em or catch up on any of Negreanu’s past Twitch streams then you can do that right here. There’s some funky PLO action, some advice on playing small pairs and some Stud-8 action.


Negreanu is the first member of the Poker Hall of Fame to broadcast on Twitch

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