EPT11 London: Day 2 mid-day update: Spindler steam-rollers, Boeree continues to rise

October 14, 2014

It has been a chaotic opening three levels to this six-level day at EPT London, and if you need proof of that, how about this? Daniel Colman is out.

Colman has amassed tournament winnings of close to $25m this year and has seemed pretty much unbeatable in any tournament he has cared to enter. But during the early stages of level 10 today, Colman was moved to the EPT Live feature table. He found kings when Theo Jorgensen found aces and there was nothing even the immortal Colman could do about that.

“I played it so great I gave myself the chills,” Jorgensen tweeted.

Colman may have departed, but there are some brilliant players with a lot of chips at the moment. There’s a two-way tie at the top of the leader board, with Rainer Kempe and Benny Spindler on about 330,000 each.


Benny Spindler: Back at the top

We know all about Spindler, and it’s terrifying. He won his maiden EPT title in this very city. He started the day on one of the toughest tables you could possibly dread to assemble, but having moved back into the denser field, Spindler has been destroying the competition.

Kempe, also from Germany, is less well known but seems to be pressing the right buttons this afternoon. He has Jason Mercier to his left, but doesn’t seem too bothered by that. He’s playing soccer on his smartphone and amassing chips in real life when the ball goes out of play.

Liv Boeree has also had an exceptional day. “I’m running good,” she said, offering the cover-all explanation for a poker player looking at a big stack but finding no short way to describe how she came by it. “Various,” she added, opting not to specify that she knocked out Ana Marquez earlier. Her stack is at about 290,000.


Liv Boeree: Something to smile about

Sam Trickett has about 255,000. Nicolas Chouity has 220,000. Jake Cody, Simon Deadman and Niall Farrell have about 210,000 apiece. ElkY has about 155,000.

Registration finally closed at noon today, before which we added another seven players to our combined Day 1 tally. Robert and Peter Akery were among them, plus Cetin Erbil, Ambros Ng, Guy Bachar, Ziv Vachar and Marc Bebawi. It meant that the total number of players here reached 675, which created a prize pool of £2,619,000.

The winner here will get £499,700 and 95 players will be paid. But already only about 210 remain.

Full payouts for EPT London

1 – £499,700
2 – £308,500
3 – £220,500
4 – £168,900
5 – £133,800
6 – £104,200
7 – £75,900
8 – £51,900
9 – £41,100

10-11 – £33,500
12-13 – £27,750
14-15 – £25,100
16-17 – £22,500
18-20 – £19,900
21-23 – £17,300
24-27 – £14,800
28-31 – £13,000
32-39 – £11,400
40-55 – £9,800
56-71 – £8,750
72-95 – £7,750

Follow our coverage of the EPT London festival via the main EPT London page, where there are hand-by-hand updates and chip counts in the panel at the top and feature pieces below. And, of course, you can follow it all live at EPT Live.


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