EPT11 London: Spindler apparently unstoppable

October 17, 2014

It may be that a few plaudits on these pages will put an end to a good run, but we’ll take our chances. Besides, it’s more and more obvious to anyone watching. Benny Spindler, despite never really having any chips, is proving impossible to eliminate.

Consider this.

He started the day on 195,000 and slipped to 132,000 shortly after the start. Then he doubled through Joao Vieira with ace-ten, then through Jakub Mroczek with ace-king, and then again through Vieira, once more with the ace-king. After winning some chips from Kevin Killeen, Spindler sound himself close to a million, exactly where he’d been at the end of Day 3.


Not going anywhere: Benny Spindler

Cynics might argue that Spindler is benefitting from a favourable run of cards. There were a lot of aces in those hands. But then somehow he managed to get his chips in with them, encouraging someone else to call in the process. It’s a now familiar pattern–a player takes him on, while the others pray to the giant shufflemaster in the sky that he is finally sent to the door. It hasn’t happened yet. Spindler continues to survive, harder to stop than Glenn Close, even when apparently sunk.

Which is hardly surprising. A little over three years ago Spindler left most of his opponents gobsmacked as he pillaged one player after another to win EPT London. Back then he’d said (eventually at least, he is notable for saying very little) that he had never been sure he would win. But his style of play, much like today, suggested otherwise, coming as it does with that extra quality that leaves an opponent wondering what sort of a mess a pot with Spindler would leave him in. And is it really worth it?

Right now it’s not.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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