marina_eptmalta_2.jpgThere are all the usual methods of transport available for those wishing to come to Malta

There were 73 countries represented in Malta over the past ten days, from which nearly 1,500 players came to play at least one event over the course of the festival.

As any good politician knows, you can manipulate statistics to tell you anything, including, in our case, which country’s players have been the most successful over the course of the festival. Well, apparently the people behind the scenes at EPT Malta have a button to press to find out that sort of thing. And they just pressed it.

The table below names (and let’s face it, shames) a few of the notables, with the earnings by players from various countries divided by the number of players.


Germany tops the list for earnings, but that can partially be explained by the number of players they have here. But there’s another number that kind of leaps out at you, that of €25,464*, the average amount earned in Malta by every Polish player.

Now let’s be clear, if you’re Polish you don’t get this automatically. In fact, if you’re a Polish player at EPT Malta you probably won very little. Why? Because your countrymen Dzmitry Urbanovich, Marcin Horecki, Piotr Franczak, and Dominik Panka (currently on the Main Event final table) won it all before you, that’s why.

In many ways this has been the EPT Urbanovich festival. He started off by winning the €25k special high roller and, well, hasn’t stopped. He’s notched up four titles, and came second in another. That’s 8KG of silverware he’ll be leaving with, or, €104 in excess baggage fees on an EasyJet flight. But then, we all have our cross to bear.

Being the closest country geographically it’s hardly surprising that Italy provided the largest contingent, which may also explain the low numbers they posted above.

Still, it’s just for fun. We’re not sure what other buttons there are around here we can push, but we’ll let you know what happens when we do.

* This figure has now increased to €31,500, courtesy of Dominik Panka.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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