The hope yesterday was to reach the final table in the €10,000 EPT Prague High Roller. In truth it was always hope, not expectation as 141 of the record breaking field of 309 (233 unique entries) returned for Day 2.

When we left the action late last night the remaining 40 players were on the bubble as 39 players would take a slice of the €3,028,000 prize pool. It would take two hours for the bubble to burst with Mateusz Moolhuizen, who was playing his first EPT High Roller, the unfortunate 40th place finisher. He called Ole Schemion’s river shove with pocket jacks on a A♦3♥6♦2♥4♠ board but saw the bad news when Schemion showed 8♣5♠ for the straight.


Mateusz Moolhuizen

The player who benefited most from this, apart from Schemion, was Nicholas Rampone. The American had less than one big blind left at this point as was first out in the money. Despite only an hour of play being left he was followed out the door by 15 others before play was done for the night.

24th. Sylvain Loosli, France, € 26,650
25th. Patrick Uzan, France, € 26,650
26th. Christopher Andler, Sweden, € 26,650
27th. Nicolas Chouity, Lebanon, € 26,650
28th. Georgios Karakousis, Greece, € 23,620
29th. Ankush Mandavia, USA, € 23,620
30th. Oliver Price, UK, € 23,620
31st. Dario Sammartino, Italy, € 23,620
32nd. Roman Korenev, Russia, € 20,890
33rd. Vojtech Ruzicka, Czech Republic, € 20,890
34th. Maxim Lykov, Russia, € 20,890
35th. Ivan Soshnikov, Russia, € 20,890
36th. Oleh Okhotskyi, Ukraine, € 20,890
37th. Pablo Fernandez, Spain, € 20,890
38th. Michel Dattani, Italy, € 20,890
39th. Nicholas Rampone, USA, € 20,890


Sammartino – 31st

When the 23 players returned to blinds of 10,000/20,000 (ante 3,000) the top five comprised: Oleksii Khoroshenin (2,015,000), Ole Schemion (1,752,000), Alexander Ivarsson (1,699,000), Andrey Zaichenko (1,115,000) and Anton Astapau (1,089,000).

In the opening 90 minutes of play the field has been reduced to the final 16 with Marvin Rettenmaier (17th), Henrik Hecklen (18th), Ari Engel (19th), Jonathan Little (20th), Erwann Pecheux (21st), Martin Finger (22nd) and Ioannis Apostolidis (23rd) the men to fall.

There are a great mix of players left in the sweet 16. We’ve got Ole Schemion, who by the way is the chip leader, just behind him is the fearless Andrey ‘”Kroko-dill’ Zaichenko who was chip leader on Day 1B of the EPT Main Event but busted before the money. Then there’s Joao Viera, who’s top of the EPT Season 11 Gold Player of the Year rankings. EPT10 Vienna winner Oleksii Khoroshenin is still going strong as is High Roller specialist Dan Shak.

Table 1:

1: Viacheslav Goryachev, 1,017,000
2: Andrey Zaichenko, 1,650,000
3: Alexander Ivarsson, 1,605,000
4: Dan Shak, 1,210,000
5: Oleksii Khoroshenin, 1,150,000
6: Igor Yaroshevskyy, 300,000
7: Laurynas Levinskas, 267,000
8: Simon Ravnsbaek,184,000


Shak – still has a stack

Table 2:

1: Clavio Anzalone, 725,000
2: Francois Billard, 1,350,000
3: Anton Astapau, 402,000
4: Joao Vieira, 555,000
5: Roman Emelyanov, 1,500,000
6: Ole Schemion, 2,275,000
7: Simon Deadman, 720,000
8: Senh Man Ung, 410,000


Ole chip leader – Schemion will drink to that

It’s all shaping up to be a fascinating end to the EPT Prague festival.

Full coverage of the main event is on the main event page. Action from the high roller is on the High Roller page.


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