The Main Event is no longer the feature attraction in the tournament room. Arguably it’s the “€300 chocolate event”, the Grasel Sweets EPT Superstack which guarantees that everyone is a winner, or at least a small one, provided they like chocolate, because there’s plenty of the stuff for everyone. In fact, within the Hilton Prague right now there isn’t a single player who hasn’t already eaten too much of the stuff, and is planning to eat more fruit tomorrow.

What’s more the dealers, either by choice or edict, are wearing Santa hats. It is nearly Christmas after all, and it’s time for some Christmas spirit, whether they like it or not, although most it seems quite like it.


Tournament director Thomas Lamatsch with his team of Santa dealers

Over in the High Roller event however, things are a little more serious. Well for the most part. It depends who you are.

If you’re Ole Schemion you’re having a ball. He’s one fo the chip leaders at the bubble and looks like a man in the peak of good health and spirit. He wears a low cut t-shirt exposing a pendant hanging around his neck. What with the beard Schemion is clearly in his Abbey Road phase and looks magnificent, especially with a million chips.


Reasons to be cheerful for Ole Schemion

Others are also have had a good second day, among the 40 players of the 309 entries.
Dan Shak looks good to finish the Festival in a similar way to how he started, with a significant score (he reached the final of the Eureka High Roller). He’s was on a par with Schemion as they approached the bubble.


Dan Shak finishing as he started

A seat along from Shak is Andrey Zaichenko, with a grin like a kroko-dill. He has nearly 900,000 reasons to smile. He stood up from his seat to share a joke with Ivan Soshnikov, his man bag slung around his waist like a sporran.

They all made the money, but others were not so fortunate today, the most notable being bubble boy Mateusz Moolhuizen , who crashed out a short time ago. His departure now ensures a min-cash of €20,890 to those remaining, set now to play on into the night, with ten levels (or until they reach a final table).

You can follow all the action from the high roller as it continues into the night on our live coverage page.

Full coverage of the EPT Prague Poker Festival is on the main EPT Prague page.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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