EPT12 Malta: Cool, calm, collected, and um, out.

October 23, 2015

In a world where it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a cap with the word “F***” on the front (see the rail in Malta right now), those of a more considered appearance tend to stand out. Players like Rasmus Vogt for instance.

Whether it’s the solid jaw line, the neat parting, or the tortoiseshell glasses; Vogt is a pair of deck shoes away from appearing in the next Brooks Brothers spring catalogue, or maybe from becoming the next senator for Massachusetts. Either way his Camelot looks paint a picture of health, one not always seen among the nocturnal inhabitants of planet poker.

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Maybe the massages help. But then looking at the therapist working on his back, the effort was all hers. Her face was scrunched up as she tried to get Vogt’s shoulders to comply and do the reverse. She pushed, she leaned in, she fought. For his part he didn’t flinch at the elbow in his spine. Instead his face showed total serenity, even as he took on Huidong Gu in a sizeable pot.

rasmus_vogt_ept12_malta_day1_25k.jpgRasmus Vogt
Gu, too, is new, to the EPT high roller scene, but analogies for him were less obvious. A calm, quiet man from China was a good as I got, as he leaned forward, then to the side, and eventually stood up to see a board of 10♥2♦Q♣9♥. So maybe short-sighted too.

Either way Vogt simply swayed to the massage, waiting a minute or two for Gu to act. Then Gu did so, shoving all-in. That might have taken an ordinary looking man by surprise. Not so Vogt, who merely watched and folded.

I thought for a second that the hand had made the vein in his neck throb. But I was mistaken. Turned out it wasn’t a hand, but an elbow, neatly places to relieve tension in his clavicle.

Vogt is not a high roller regular but has adapted well to this most challenging of poker environments. Or at least it that’s how it appeared for a while before he crashed out on the High Roller a few minutes ago.

When you bust a high roller you don’t need a cap to explain to people what’s on your mind. It’s assumed.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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