EPT12 Prague: How I found a value in EPT Prague, or where dreams come true

December 15, 2015

I think these days a lot of players come to EPT festivals not for more than the Main Event. There are dozens of side events and cash-games to take part in, and if you are one such player this post is for you.

I’ve never been to Prague, so the EPT became an opportunity for me to play more affordable side-events (let pros play their games for life-changing money!) as well as to see some of the most famous of tourist cities (at last!).

kate_zhuravlova_prague12_15dec15.jpgKate Zhuravlova
Since my husband and I were lucky enough to have two cash finishes during the first days of the festival, we decided to show our thanks by entering the Charity Event. The prizes were quite interesting we thought so why not?

I’ll let you into a secret. It was one of the most +EV tournament I’ve ever played!

If you have ever dreamed about playing with world known pros at one table (I know I have) then what are the chances you could play with these big names in a tournament with a buy that’s affordable to an amateur?

Well, at my table in the Charity Event I had Chris Moneymaker on my left, then George Danzer, Craig McCorkell, Theo Jorgensen… with Dzmitry Urbanovich, Jake Cody, Niall Farrell and Marc Convey on other tables. I wasn’t really eager for any re-buys, but when I saw these guys I wanted to know how long the re-buy period would last!

And yes, the drinks were free.

So imagine what it was like, sitting with pros, without worrying about losing your bank roll, talking with them for hours, whether it was hearing Chris Moneymaker tell a story about a bet between Negreanu and Elky on their Hearthstone suit at PCA, or Theo Jorgensen’s nickname for George “I’ve seen only one card, I swear” Danzer. At that moment we were all part of the poker community, and it felt great.

As players we learn not only from reading, but also from experiencing different situations and playing different opponents. In the charity event, I had the best opponents I could imagine to do that (although I did miss Negreanu a lot).

You might say, +EV is about money. Well, we were 43 with eight players “in the prizes”, which included Live Event Tournament Credits, iPhones, iPads and weekends away. To my mind that was an awesome proposition. And I’m sure I’ll never miss any other PokerStars Charity Event.

We amateurs, perhaps more than pros, come for EPT for some lasting memories. The Charity Tournament this week was worth every penny, and every second I spent in it.

P.S. Don’t forget that it’s also about helping children! +Karma EV!

Kate Zhuravlova works as a Localisation Manager for PokerStars


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