Out on the floor, beyond the main event, the last of the side events are in running, a place where people who don’t really care about the main event, or the €825,000 going to the winner, can pass the time. Forget him. Who really needs that kind of money anyway?

Among them, although not feeling entirely as just described, is Roberto Romanello, one of the principle contenders for the role of Player of the Year, which will be determined in a little over a week’s time in Monaco.

Romanello is looking to aid his cause with one last tournament this afternoon, hoping to accrue enough points to overtake points leader Ondrej Vinklarek. Vinkalrek extended his lead to 240 points with a sixth place finish in the Win the Button event at Madrid, weeks after Romanello had cut the gap to just 30 points in Copenhagen.

But the Welshman also faces competition from another direction. Romanello though remains pragmatic.

“I think I was lucky enough to get a cash on day one in the Omaha, I came fifth,” said Romanello. “Bryn Kenney had a good score, second in a big field (in the €2,000), which you get extra points for. So he’s looking good. It puts him virtually on the same points as me.


Prizes up for grabs

“So it’s very tight. But it’s exciting. There’s five or six in the running. It’s obviously going to go down to the last Monte Carlo trip. I’m just going to try one more event here, the 5K six-max at 3pm. That’s my last shot here to get some points.”

A few more points from the Berlin trip would help the Romanello cause, one of the more popular players on the European circuit, who coming into Berlin, trailed Vinklarek by nearly 400 points. Will he be keeping an eye on Kenney if he should pull up a seat with the same idea?

“I do admit you do look how opponents are getting on,” confessed Romanello. “But I don’t really like to wish bad luck, it’s not good karma and if they do the same for me it’s going to bok me.

“I’m not going to lie, I am interested, but it’s all good fun. As well as good fun it’s very prestigious award to win and it’s going to be special whoever wins it. I know how tough it is. It’ll be well deserved.”


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