Sailing past the Casino right now is a small flotilla of sail boats, sheets fully hoisted and the wind on their backs, drifting slowly down Lake Lugano. The only thing disturbing the tranquility of it all being the man in a speed boat yelling at them through a bull horn.

Inside things are progressing at a similar pace, although there’s no wind. There is a thick blanket of mist hanging over the tournament room though. No one knows where it comes from, or whether we should be concerned that the smoke alarms haven’t gone off, although the best guess is that’s it’s used by the production crew to enhance the beams of light emanating from the stage.

From out of this fog there was an all-in, the only alert to this being a polite “ooh” from those watching the small screen. There does seem to be a lack of spontaneous excitement so far, odd for a stage fo red, green and blue lights. A few moments later Stefano Puccilli was walking, beaten, from the stage.


Stefano Puccilli

The Italian, the last from a field that was 40 per cent local at the start, departed as a result of an earlier hand against Mario Nagel’s rivered flush that crippled him. He managed to triple up with his handful of big blinds, but it was only a temporary reprieve.

It means they’ll be no second Italian EPT winner. As we wrote earlier this week Italian players make up a significant portion of any EPT but Salvatore Bonavena remains their only champion.


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