You might be wondering how things look behind the TV cameras, currently broadcasting this event around the world on EPT Live Lite, and on Italian television. Then again you might still be blinded by myodesopsia (ignore the red line that appears when you type that into Word) caused by the enormous bank of flashing lights at the back of the stage.

This obviously dominates the tournament room (and is probably visible from space), and is the main draw for casual spectators stopping by. To everyone else, those still playing side events, it’s of no interest at all. Poker players, as a breed, couldn’t care less about the plight of other players they have no personal or financial involvement with.

That said a fair number of people have turned up to watch. Obviously they can’t see anything on the raised stage so they are concentrated around a television screen showing the action, not unlike our parents did to watch the moon landings.

On the other side of the stage two members of the production crew, who spent EPT San Remo watching DVD on a laptop, sit quietly facing a bank of monitors, watching DVDs on a laptop. I’m not sure how many seasons of Dexter have been made but it has kept those guys busy all week.


The final table players

What they’ve all seen so far is a steady flow of hands with little serious action to report. As Olivier Busquet, who is dressed immaculately in waistcoat and tie, said yesterday; all the players are deep want to win. Expect a long, and pretty good, final table.

Each of the eight has supporters on the rail, all of whom seem to be dressed in similar fashion to their man on stage.

Olivier Busquet’s wife looks as elegant as he does; supporters of Robin Ylitalo wear baseball caps in similar fashion while Fabrice Soulier’s friends are dressed in French-chic (as a man wearing what looks to be a set of flannel pyjamas walks by).

I suppose we should just be grateful David Ulliot didn’t play.


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