We may not be on course for a first double winner to end the years of speculation as to who that might be (thanks a lot David Vamplew), but there is at least a statistic that could be equaled tonight.

In the eight seasons of the European Poker Tour there has never been three consecutive winners from the same country. Well, that’s what I wanted to write. Actually there has, at the start of this season, when Ronny Kaiser, Martin Schleich and Benny Spindler made it three in a row for Germany, winning in Tallinn, Barcelona and London respectively.

Now Denmark could be about to do the same. If Jannick Wrang can win that is.


Jannick Wrang

The past few events have been good for the Danes, starting in Denmark itself where Mickey Petersen won his first title after a heads-up contest that lasted about a week. Then came Frederik Jensen who triumphed in Madrid two weeks ago.

Will Jannick Wrang do the same in Campione?

“It’s been pretty hard,” said Wrang at the break. “There has been a lot of three and four betting. I’ve been playing a few hands pretty weak it seemed, but also I’ve been taking down some pots where I probably dint have the best hand.

“It’s a very tough table. We’re still pretty deep. Let’s see what happens.”

Correction: This is all completely wrong. Ronny Kaiser is actually Swiss, not German (although he certainly sounds German), meaning Wrang could make it a first triple for the Danes. Hat-tip: those interfering gas-bags in the EPT Live Lite commentary booth.


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