We’re keeping up with the times. You know, with all this Twitter malarkey. Yes, the @PokerStarsBlog twitter account has been cranking up its follower number and now sits proudly with 21,653 to its name. One of those followers, @vegetera, a Swedish online poker pro, got in touch with us to ask “do you have any statistics on the countries with the most EPT victories?”

We’re presuming the request was in response to the player profiles this morning which mentioned that Swede Robin Ylitalo would be the 8th Swedish winner should he claim the title. Should Olivier Busquet win it would bring the US level with the UK as the most successful nation on the EPT with 14 apiece. Browse through the list below taking note of the overachiever (Lebanon, thanks to Nicolas ‘niccc’ Chouity and Joseph Mouawad) and those yet to score (Spain and Ireland).

1. United Kingdom, 14
2. United States, 13
3. Germany, 10
4. Sweden, 7
5= Denmark, 6
France, 6
7= Canada, 4
Netherlands, 4
9= Norway, 3
Russia, 3
11= Finland, 2
Portugal, 2
Lebanon, 2
14= Belarus, 1
Czech Republic, 1
Italy, 1
Switzerland, 1
Venezuela , 1

ept campione_day 4_robin ylitalo.jpg

Robin Ylitalo, out in 8th (€54,000)

Sweden will not be making it eight: Ylitalo has just been sent to the rail by Fabrice Soulier.

Tournament snapshot
Level : blinds 12,000-24,000, ante 3,000
Players: 7 of 570
Average stack: 2,443,000
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