EPT8 Copenhagen: Last year’s final eight going strong (mostly)

February 21, 2012


Last year’s EPT Copenhagen final table was a crowd pleaser. It had more names than nobodies and more action than a super-straddled game of PLO. So where are they now, those mighty eight? Well, mainly here playing Day 1B as it so happens.

1st. Michael Tureniec, $679,244
Tureniec is sat at the edge of the tournament floor sporting his usual ‘is he blind?’ sunglasses and Jack Bauer stubble. Tureniec is up to around 48,000 here and has followed his EPT title up with a little more than $150,000 in live scores over the last year helping him to a career total of $2,753,743.

ept copenhagen_day 1b_michael tureniec.jpg

EPT Copenhagen reigning champion Michael Tureniec

2nd. Per Linde, $449,770
Linde, like Tureniec, would have been a worthy winner last year. Also like Tureniec he had a solid year after the final table bagging up around $165,000 in the twelve months following. Things aren’t going well for Linde at the moment, he’s down to 4,000 but seems to be enjoying his free carton of orange juice at least.

3rd. John Eames, $257,011
John Eames ran hot in the early stages of the final table last season getting dealt kings multiple times in the opening forays. Since then he’s been one of the most industrious members of the final table having picked up another $270,000 in live tournaments, half of which when he took down a €2,000 side event at EPT Prague in December. Eames is down to around 18,000 at last viewing after tank folding to a bet on a double-paired flushed board.

ept copenhagen_day 1b_john eames.jpg

EPT regular John Eames

4th. Kevin Iacofano, $183,580
American Iacofano came close once again in September when he finished 6th at EPT London for £120,000 which helped him on his way to pocketing $250,000 after his fourth place finish in at the Radisson. The online player has doubled his stack up to 60,000 so expect another solid run here (or at least attempted assault).

5th. Nikolas Liakos, $137,685
Things have slowed down for Liakos on the live scene. The Greek-Swede has picked up just $21,000 since his $137,685 in the live arena and, as far as I can see, hasn’t entered this year. He’s probably too busy crushing online. Maybe.

6th. Mudassar Khan, $110,148
Khan has a solitary cash in the last year, a 22nd place finish for $9,276. He plays today and is looking, somewhat angrily, at his 30,000 stack as if it should be doing more than being just a starting stack.

7th. Andreas Dalle Molle, $82,611
Dalle Molle. Not here, no cashes. Moving swiftly on.

8th. Juha Helppi, $54,413
Juha Helppi was the first player out at the final table last year but that’s certainly not an indication of the quality of the player. Despite that being his first EPT main event final table Helppi has consistently squeezed value out of the side events, frequently running roughshod over High Roller and heads up tournaments. In fact over the last year Helppi has won more than $800,000 in live tournaments, by far and away the biggest of the eight, partly thanks to making six final tables in EPT side events. Helppi is up and away with more than 40,000.

ept copenhagen_day 1b_juha helppi.jpg

Juha Helppi: second on the Finnish all-time money list to Patrick Antonius


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