EPT8 Copenhagen: O’Dwyer arrives to take lead on Day 1A

February 20, 2012


There is one guarantee on the European Poker tour, other than the fact that someone will always want to smoke in the toilets, and that’s that the Day 1b will be bigger, and often better than its predecessor.

Not that today lacked much when it came to describing the typical Day 1, but what it had in finesse, it lack in sheer weight, the slimmed down field of 83 (reduced to 48) unusual for an event usually standing room only, at the lobby bar at least.


Pierre Neuville and Soren Kongsgaard (left)

Rumour has it that a flight full of Swedes is en route to Copenhagen, intent on securing victory on home soil, or the closest thing they get to home soil. Regardless of their arrival, and the numbers likely to be perhaps double those of today, Steve O’Dwyer will only be concerned about the money going into the prize pool, and how much of it he could stand to win.


O’Dwyer leads in Copenhagen

O’Dwyer leads tonight, a fickle lead of course, but one he’ll be happy with after a more than prosperous day at work; the EPT London runner-up bagging up 190,975 tonight, a conspicuous lead.


O’Dwyer in action

O’Dwyer has been looking for a good stack for several days. Two days ago he was at breakfast in Galway ahead of his Day 2 performance in the UKIPT main event. Then he entered and busted from the Galway High Roller before getting on a plane (we imagine more than one) to get to Copenhagen for today. So far it’s a trip that’s paying off.

It was a thin field but one with enough popular faces to pique interest. As well as Team PokerStars Pros Arnaud Mattern (19,900) and Pierre Neuville (15,000), sat Jan Mølby.


Jan Molby, with energy drink…

The former Liverpool and Danish international footballer took his seat alongside former Copenhagen finalist (and EPT winner) Roberto Romanello, then later EPT San Remo winner Rupert Elder, and found the cards he’d found lacking in previous events, to take his stack up to a stable looking 34,925. Mølby returns on Wednesday.

There are others, listed in full on the chip count page which you will find listed alongside the live coverage from Day 1a. For everything else – colour, comment and even a look back at seasons past, click through the links below for all the detail.

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That’s all for today’s coverage from Copenhagen which continues tomorrow at 12 noon for Day 1b. Thanks for reading. Join us tomorrow.


Pulse, also known as “sausages,” from the service station

One thing we should note before departing. While suggesting that there was no blog coverage in Season 1 I we were completely wrong, as Brad Willis will be happy to hear, seeing as though he was actually here. You can also read all about that memorable Season 2 finale, written by Brad Willis (whatever happened to him?) by clicking here.

Until then it’s goodnight from Copenhagen.

All photography &copy Neil Stoddart


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