EPT8 Copenhagen: Once more with feeling

February 21, 2012


Day 1a started at walking pace but today we should at least get moving into a trot. The field of 83 players yesterday looks set to be dwarfed this afternoon as players, some of whom have travelled as far away as Australia (albeit on their way home to Sweden), touch down in Copenhagen for a glimpse at one of Scandinavia’s, and Europe’s, most coveted poker prizes.

Last night Steve O’Dwyer bagged up the chip lead, measuring more than 190,000 strong, the type of stack that would usually have suggested a far greater field. The leader tonight will have done well to better that.


Cards in the air, or on the table…

Nevertheless there will be a strong cast preparing to do so, from the ranks of Team PokerStars Pro and the region’s most talented players. Copenhagen has always had a reputation as a ridiculous place to try to get lucky, what with the abundance of talent from a part of the world the very name of which used to strike fear into even the hardiest of pros. Regardless, we expect a few players registering today to be the type prepared to push their good fortune to the limit.

It all starts at 12 noon with seven levels scheduled and 15 minute breaks, for smoking and sausages, every two levels. Details of all of it, from on and off the tables, will be available here on the PokerStars Blog.


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