EPT8 Copenhagen: Steve O’Dwyer’s mother leading the field (in theory)

February 20, 2012


“Easy game,” said Steve O’Dwyer.

The tall American stood next to the central dais of the tournament room having got out of his chair to grab a drink (free from said platform). O’Dwyer had just moments ago finished stacking up to a monstrous 186,000 stack, way ahead of the 41,500 chip average, after winning a 60,000 pot, knocking out Giulio Mascolo in the process. Mascolo had opened to 1,600 and had found a couple of callers before O’Dwyer squeezed it up to 5,600 out of the big blind. A four-bet shove of around 30,000 by the German was quickly and calmly called by O’Dwyer.

The EPT London runner-up’s K♠K♣ was a long way ahead of Mascolo’s J♠J♥ and they stayed there as the board ran out 2♠10♣6♠2♣A♦. No scare cards and little to sweat, O’Dwyer’s 2012 looks like it may pick back up from where he left it at the end of 2012.

ept copenhagen_day 1a_steve odwyer.jpg

Steve O’Dwyer: $2,061,193 in live winnings

Perhaps a little embarrassed to have so many chips at this early juncture (in a similar way to John Eames who looked decidedly sheepish to be dealt kings three times in ten hands at last year’s final table) O’Dwyer pointed towards his stack and said: “My mum could have piloted this stack to this point. I haven’t lost a pot of more than ten big blinds all day.”

Easy game or not, you play the cards that you are dealt and maximise the positive situations that you find yourself in: O’Dwyer has been doing that and some. There is no chance that O’Dwyer won’t be top of the Day 1A chip counts. Six last hands to play.


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