EPT8 Copenhagen: Wissing wins the day but O’Dwyer still leads

February 21, 2012


We predicted today the main event would shift up into a trot after yesterday’s walking pace, instead is giddied-up into a canter.

There was a general sense that things had gathered pace today as a field of 215 arrived at the SAS Radisson Hotel, more than double that of yesterday, making the starting field 299 strong. That got things going and, at the end of today’s seven levels, Mads Wissing finishes as Day 1b leader, bagging up 127,575 at the close.


Chip leader, today at least, Mads Wissing

That was not enough to unseat yesterday’s leader Steve O’Dwyer, who closed on 190,975 and returns tomorrow as overall chip leader, pursuing a confirmed first prize of DKK 2,515,000 (€338,223). Joining him from today’s flight will be faces familiar and, well, otherwise.

From the “familiar” crowd that means Will Molson, Luca Pagano, Martin Staszko, Anton Wigg, Johnny Lodden, home town hero Theo Jorgensen and Marcel Bjerkmann. From the “otherwise” column that would include Anton Thorarinsson, Borge Dypvik, Sebastian Rust, Serge Campisi and Pal Koppegodt.


Johnny Lodden


Theo Jorgensen

But while it might be in the nature of an event like this for some players to thrive, others must do the opposite. That applied to several magazine cover types today, including Viktor Blom, Martin Jacobson, William Thorson, Rasmus Nielsen, Per Linde, Jude Ainsworth and former champions Peter Jepsen and Jens Kyllonen.


Viktor Blom

Find details of all the eliminations as well as the latest chip counts on the relevant page alongside out live coverage. Meanwhile, features from today can be found at the links below:

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That’s all from Copenhagen for today. Join us tomorrow for further coverage from Denmark when the remaining 188 players resume play at 12 noon.

Until then, goodnight.

All photography &copy Neil Stoddart


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