As always at this stage of a poker tournament the main event is slowly losing its dominance of the tournament room. As it shrinks, the eliminated players now entitled to line up at the pay-out desk, side events take on a greater role, vast sweeping things spread out across the remainder of the tournament room. The fact that it holds 90 tables also gives you some idea of the size of this place.

As far as rooms go this happens to be quite a prestigious one. Previous occupants have included the attendees of the Deauville American Film Festival as well as the meeting of the Group of Eight which took place here in 2011. Several months before the likes of Adeniya, Lacay and Vinklarek took a seat here the likes of President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and other world leaders were enjoying lunch and having their pictures taken.


The boardwalk, with beach changing rooms named after film stars, in Deauville

With the film festival taking place every year the conference center has adopted cinematic names for all of it’s meeting rooms, although they’re not always named in the way you’d expect.

While the press room is named “Salle Gilda” after the Rita Heyworth movie, others include the Salle Indiana Jones Room while the main corridor leads to the eclectically named “Salle Falstaff”, “Salle Scarlett”, and “Salle Batman”. There’s also a “Salle Tootsie”, but alas no “Salle Smokey and the Bandit II”.

The return of George, Brad and Angelina is some months away, before that there’s a poker tournament to complete.

The extended day of play, playing the full six levels rather than five, will make for a short day tomorrow but the 60 players still have to get there. Vinklarek leads, while Martins Adeniya and Ludovic Lacay remain in the ascendant. Then there’s the EPT’s own star, Luca Pagano…


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