The bank of seating facing the stage is now full of spectators, most of whom seem to be attending to important business on their mobile telephones. A group of standing-room-only spectators has also gathered to one side of the temporary stand. It’s not clear where their telephones are.

For the most part it’s quiet in the tournament room, a solitary “yes!” breaks the silence from a Bruno Jais enthusiast in the crowd after his man won a small pot. The dealer change prompts one member of the audience to also leave while Thomas Lamatsch uses the brief pause to remove two of the gift bags left on the stage.


The rail at Deauville

As he does that Kevin MacPhee walks in the other direction on his way to the commentary booth to do colour analysis on EPT Live Lite, which you can follow here.

For the rail there is no commentary. Instead they rely on two high definition television screens on either side fo the stage providing a crystal clear view of the events taking place about three feet behind the very screen they’re watching. The picture on the screen seem clearer that looking at the table itself.

Back at the table there has been little change, although Jais has moved into second place while Vadzim Kursevich drops to third. Neither are the focus of the cameras congregating to the left of the set.

One photographer, in the kind of jacket The Beatles wore for the cover of I Want To Hold Your Hand single, uses maximum zoom on his camera looking for shots of the most photogenic. Right now that’s Paul Guichard, his long hair and youth making him the natural target, although if he has acne the lens, which extends to about a foot, should pick it out.

Suddenly a break in the norm. Kursevich calls Vuong Than Trong’s all-in.


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