EPT8 Madrid: Duval’s dream comes to an end, out in 8th

March 17, 2012


Jason Duval’s incredible adventure is at an end. The Quebecois, playing his first European Poker Tour event, has enjoyed a great week, going from a one round penalty in level one for accidentally checking the nuts (A royal flush no less), to reaching the final table. But the realities of this event’s business end were quick to make themselves known to Duval.

“Today started very bad for me,” said Duval. “I don’t have a big stack, I have only 960,000. I went down to about 600k because I lost a pot with my nines against ace-ten. That’s pretty much it. I didn’t play much hands because I didn’t have any.”

Speaking at the last break there was still hope for Duval to climb out of the cellar, and Nicolas Levi was down to ten big blinds and on the verge of departing first.


Jason Duval

“I hope I can double up and play some hands,” said Duval. “Still, the structure of blinds is pretty good. I can still play hands. I don’t have to push or fold right now.

But this proved to be false hope. Shortly after the restart Duval shoved with pocket sevens which Andrei Stoenescu called with ace-king. The flop was all clubs, going well with the club Duval held, but crucially one was an ace. That was enough to end it for Duval.

Still, it has been a great week for the 21-year-old. “I feel very good about it,” he said. “I just qualified on the internet, paid $500 and I’m here at the final table, so I’m pretty much happy about it.”


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