EPT8 Monaco: Northug and Hellner take their battle to the courts

April 27, 2012


Apparently they had several inches of snow in Sweden last week. While the rest of Europe begins to bloom Scandinavia struggles to keep the needle above freezing. It’s why they’re so good at skiing, and clearing snow, and dressing warm.

But this week two of their best skiers were not duelling on the slopes (or flats, wherever it is they ski), instead they brought their rivalry to Monaco, for the second part of the Petter Northug (Norway) vs Marcus Hellner (Sweden) personal grudge match, at Le Sporting.

In the last round, back in 2010, the pair competed in a inline skating contest across the car park of the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, a battle won by Hellner in front of an audience of people who just wanted to park and get out of the sun. This week they brought their rivalry to Monaco where the weapon of choice was a tennis racket, and who better to umpire than PokerStars SportStar (and two time Wimbledon Champion) Boris Becker.


Boris Becker with Hellner and Northug


Boris starts with a few tips


And a few more…

First came the tennis lesson, with Herr Becker demonstrating which end of the bat was which and how to serve, volley, return, smash and eat a banana. Then, the match, if you can call it that. Northung won 6-0.


Hellner is declared the winner

Crucially this ties the score in the Northug vs Hellner grudge match, and as far as compensation goes Hellner will now make a donation of €2,000 to the Norwegian Youth Federation of Skiing. He might want to take a few more tennis lessons too (maybe try Ivan Lendl).


The score is now level

Details of the deciding contest have yet to be announced. Your best place to find out will be the PokerStars Blog.

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