EPT8 Monaco: O’Shea seeks assistance from abroad

April 27, 2012


John O’Shea is a well-known face on both the Irish and European poker scene. The Irishman, who was runner-up to Dario Alioti in last season’s Omaha Player of the Year race, has had quite a lot of success in the side events but is yet to make a big splash in the main events. That may be about to change. He’s now got a team of advisors supporting him. And by team, I mean one person. And by advisor, I mean his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend sent me some notes. I was slagging her a while ago because Michael (BIGMICKG) Graydon’s girlfriend usually looks at his table and sends him a few pointers. My girlfriend had a day off yesterday so she went to town – she’s staying in Australia at the moment – and gave me a synopsis of every player; who to target and who to avoid. It’s pretty funny. She looked at Hendon Mob, went onto Google, searched their names and cut and paste the stuff. It gave me a pretty good laugh this morning,” said O’Shea.

ept monaco_day 1b_john oshea.jp

John O’Shea at EPT Snowfest last season

A look at O’Shea’s Hendon Mob reveals he’s scored $832,526 in live tournament winnings and so far it doesn’t look the advice has done him any harm. He started the day with 39,900, he’s not moved much since then. His girlfriend, Caroline Counihan, not only supplied details of his opponents results but also some analysis.

“She was also taking chip counts into account. She knew Johnny Lodden was a bit dangerous but down on chips so I didn’t have to worry about him. It was true,” said O’Shea.

Could this become a trend? That partners around the world are going to be following table draws and updates to data-mine online information to feed back to the players?

“Hopefully not, it’s given me such a competitive edge. Someone called John Eames on the river and I texted my girlfriend to say, ‘I would never make that mistake, he never bluffs’. Maybe it will start a trend. It would be pretty funny if it did,” said O’Shea, an Irish camera crew looking on.

Here’s the post from O’Shea’s facebook page:

normal enough email from your girlfriend
Caroline Counihan
eames- plays tight before the antes, and if hes at a weak table hes gona play tight til the others make a mistake.he diesnt bluff too much and def not without any pot equity,

ambraisse- this guy came 1st in PLO championships inn france at the end of jan so be careful of him too.

ariel mantel- only won one thing on hendon mob a no limit holdem turbo an LAPT at the end of feb.

geert jan potijk- only won one thing on hendon mob in UKIPT last sep no limit holdem and only came 96th so try win him a few times id say (and he has 116000 chips)

martin schleich- he won the ept in barcelona last yr but nothing really else major

yury kerzhapkin-he cashed in two epts this yr in cassin and deauville no limit holdem main events so watch him he could be running good

johnny lodden-hes an interesting one,hes pokerstars pro hes norwegian and used to be a top online cash game player but then he hit rock bottom but he looks like hes on his way up again cashed 3 times this yr (he only has a baby 12000 chips so dont worry too much about him id say..).

tudor grangure- hes not on hendon mob or the internet in general so he could be a lil fish for u maybe

As it would turn out perhaps the advice wasn’t so great: news has just reached us that O’Shea is out.

Tournament snapshot
Level 10: blinds 500-1,000, ante 100
Players: 320 of 665
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