EPT8 San Remo: Day 1A, level 3 & 4 updates (blinds 100-200, 25 ante)

October 21, 2011


6.35pm: Break time
That’s it for 15 minutes. The next post is up and running here. — RD

6.34pm: Newport gets value
Nicholas Newport turned a disguised gutshot straight with 5♥2♥ on a 3♦A♠J♠4♦J♥ board to win a 24,000 pot from fellow Irishman Mark Walsh.

Walsh had led 3,300 into the river and had called a raise to 8,000 from Newport before shaking his head as if to say, ‘Oh yeah, that figures.’ Can’t imagine that he put him on that straight though considering Newport open-raised from the hijack. — RD

6.30pm: A small one for a rebuilding Negreanu
Daniel Negreanu took down a small pot to recover to a little more than 16,500.

Dobromir Nikov raised to 700 from mid-position and was called by the Team PokerStars Pro in the hijack and Lukas Berglund who defended his big blind. The flop came down 3♠Q♣Q♣ and a 1,400 bet from Negreanu was good enough to take the pot. — MC

ept san remo_day 1a_daniel negreanu.jpg

Daniel Negreanu

6.27pm: Horecki knocked out as Rousso continues comeback
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has been busted by fellow Team Pro Vanesssa Rousso after getting red aces in a short 4,800 stack in on a 5♣5♠10♣ flop against Q♣2♣.

Rousso caught a club to chip up to 35,000 having been down to less than 10,000 last level. Horecki out. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_vanessa rousso.jpg

Vanessa Rousso

6.25pm: Rousso scared to bet
There was around 20,000 chips in the pot and Vanessa Rousso only had 3,400 left in front of her. She was up against David Fernando and the two of them were sat in the first two positions. The river was out to leave a 10♠2♣3♥A♣5♥ board and Fernando checked to the Team PokerStars Pro.

She sat for two minutes and then said: “I’m gonna check but this is the worst check ever,” before revealing A♠2♠. It was good as Fernanso tabled K♥10♣.

“I’m too scared of him,” she continued. — MC

6.20pm: Adinolfo hung out to O’Dwyer
Steve O’Dwyer just doubled up through Alessandro Adinolfo who earlier screamed his own double up. No screaming this time for Adinolfo, or at least not happy screaming as, on a board of 8♦6♣J♣Q♣7♦ and with 18,000 in the middle, O’Dwyer moved all-in for his last 16,000 with ace-queen. Adinolfo called with ace-king and immediately regretted it. He’s crippled. O’Dwyer up. – SB

6.15pm: Hero call beaten by ace-high bluff
Toby Lewis is sat with 32,000 and may look more interested in the Russell Crowe film he’s watching on his iPad but surely he must be thrilled by the action on his table, tablemate Henri Kaspar certainly is.

It’s not often that you see a hero call beaten by ace-high, it’s one to tick off the bingo list. Matteo Fratello opened for 500 and was called by Lewis in the small blind and Robert Scott in the big. All three players checked the 5♠7♦9♦ flop before Scott led 825 into the 3♥ turn.

Scott opted to fire another street and bet the river for 2,700. Fratello made the call and Scott showed A♦8♣ for ace-high and a busted gutshot straight draw. Fratello turned over A♣6♣ for a lower ace-high hand which also had missed its straight draw. The eight played on the board and Scott unexpectedly raked in the pot. — RD

6.05pm: All over for Wilkerson
Leonid Bilokur opened for 550 in early position which Dylan Wilkerson raised to 1,500. Sitting in the small blind was Federico Petruzzelli who then made it 3,750, forcing Bilokur to step aside.

Wilkerson asked how much and then raised again, making it 6,050 to play. Petruzzelli then moved all-in, which Wilkerson called immediately, showing A♣A♦. For Petruzzelli, Q♦Q♠.

The board ran K♦J♠6♠Q♥8♣ much to the disgust of Wilkerson who quietly left the tournament room.

“Sorry man,” said Petruzzelli. Wilkerson didn’t want to hear it.

Petruzzelli up to 65,000. – SB

6pm: Keeping up the run good
Andrew Chen chopped the PokerStars Sunday Million last week for $112,000 and he’s continuing his fine form here today.

He’s up to 66,000 after finding pocket sixes on a 6♠5♠3♣10♣J♦ board. What got him paid with a full double-up though was the fact that the hyper aggressive Alessandro Speranza had pocket fives. Most of the chips went in on the turn and Italian is crippled. — MC

5.53pm: Grimness for Mattern makes Maciukas happy
Arnaud Mattern has just lost half of his stack to Marius Maciukas on a dangerous looking K♠A♥10♥2♦A♠ board.

The pot appeared to have been three- or four-bet pre-flop with Mattern in the cut-off and Maciukas in the big blind. Maciukas led 4,225 into the flop and Mattern made the call.

ept san remo_day 1a_arnaud mattern.jpg

Another gratuitous banana shot from Arnaud Mattern

A blank 2♦ hit the turn and Maciukas fired out 10,175. Mattern picked up calling chips and started riffling them, the 5,000 value yellow chips flashing between the less relevant green and black chips. The Frenchman casually tipped them across the line.

The river paired the board with the A♠ and Maciukas moved all-in for 26,000, just covering Mattern’s 23,500 stack. Mattern wasted little time folding. Maciukas up to 50,000, Mattern back to the grind. — RD

5.50pm: Cohen corners Ramdin, up to 50,000
Samantha Cohen just moved up to 50,000 after taking chips from Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin and David Zampini.

On a flop of J♦A♥10♠ Ramdin bet 3,300 which was raised by Cohen to 7,100. Zampini called before Ramdin passed, for a turn card 9♣. Cohen then flung out 16,000, moving her hands out of the way to show 12,000 remaining.

Zampini thought for a while but it was all too much. He passed. – SB

5.45pm: News in brief

  • Victor Ramdin is back up to 29,000 after his 10♣10♦ was good against Samantha Cohen on a 3♥5♦7♥Q♦3♠ board.
  • Vanessa Rousso was seen raking in a small pot to move up to 12,400.
  • Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis has made it to level 4 with 31,400 chips.
    The final player number for today has been confirmed as 359.

    5.35pm: Oh heck for Horecki
    More trouble for Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki who, after trying to bluff a player with aces, dropped a little more in a hand against Salvatore Sproviero.

    On a board of 4♣9♥K♣10♥9♦ and with 3,000 in the middle, Horecki checked to Sproviero in seat ten, who wears his hair in a ponytail.

    Horecki was tanking his next move, eventually calling. Sproviero then turned over Q♣9♣, prompting Horecki to immediately fold. He’s down to 8,000.


    Marcin Horecki

    As that hand played out a table along Alessandro Adinolfo was celebrating what could only have been his winning the EPT San Remo main event. Instead, he was celebrating his jacks holding up, all in against ace-king. — SB

    5.30pm: Finotti finds another river
    Andrea Finotti has reclaimed the chip lead with 98,000 after taking a healthy pot off Jason Mercier. The two had made it to the river where the final board read 3♥5♦Q♣6♦8♦. The Team PokerStars Pro led out for 9,600 with pocket aces but lost as he was called by Finotti who had got there with eight-six. Mercier down to 12,500. — MC

    5.25pm: HELLO SAN REMO!
    The PokerStars video blog team have produced a welcome video for this here event. It should be playing now so just move your eyes a couple of inches lower and you should be able to see it. The weather is lovely here and you’re missing out. Ha! Unless, of course, you’re somewhere with even better weather and outside, then the joke is on us.

    5.20pm: MacPhee keeps climbing
    Kevin MacPhee is up to 86,000 getting a lot of action from Big Game winner Massilmo Martinez.

    MacPhee had three-bet with pocket kings and was cold four-bet by Martinez who went on to six-bet shove. MacPhee held kings and made the call. Martinez? A hyper-aggressive 8♠9♠. Information courtesy of MacPhee’s twitter feed.

    In other news, Jennifer Harman is doing well with around 45,000. Vanessa Rousso less so with 9,200. — RD

    ept san remo_day 1a_jen harman.jpg

    Harman looking to add EPT silverware to her trophy cabinet

    5.15pm: More names falling
    Chris Brammer and Pierre Neuville have recently departed. Jon Spinks (who said he’s struggled back up to 27,000 himself) was informing us of Brammer’s exit just as Neuville walked past and said his day was a short one.

    He lost all of his chips to Gianluca Trebbi when he ran pocket queens in to his aces and then pocket sevens into his queens on a six-high flop. The Italian jumped to the top of the chip tree with 80,000. — MC

    5pm: Duthie doing well
    John Duthie’s solid start continues. He’s up to 40,000 after a hand against Damien Porebski.

    Porebski opened for 600 in middle position which Duthie then called from the hijack for a flop of A♣8♥4♦. Both checked that for a J♠ turn. Porebski bet out 625 which Duthie called without any fuss, the river coming 6♥. A check this time from Porebski who then passed when Duthie bet 1,125. — SB

    4.54pm: Eiler out, Dempsey circumspect
    EPT Vienna champ Michael Eiler has busted out but James Dempsey avoided meeting a similar fate by folding to a 5,500 lead into a 6,000 pot on a 3♣9♣7♥K♦ board from November Niner Phil Collins.

    Dempsey, who was in the cut-off, waited some time before passing to the bet from Collins leaving himself with around 25,000. Collins up above his starting stack. — RD

    4.50pm: Lewis getting flush with chips
    EPT Vilamoura champion Toby Lewis up to 36,000 after getting two streets of value with a flush versus Matteo Fratello.

    The two players checked a 7♠K♠8♠ flop to see the J♣ turn where the Italian check-called a 1,500 bet from the big blind. The river fell as the 9♣ and Fratello check-called a 5,200 bet but mucked upon seeing the Brit’s J♠9♠ flopped flush. — MC

    ept san remo_day 1a_toby lewis.jpg

    Toby Lewis

    4.45pm: Dinner details
    With breakfast still on our minds the details of the dinner break have been announced.

    Tables 1-15 will go for a 60-minute dinner break at the end of level 5 (7.30pm roughly), while the remaining tables will carry on and play level 6. The two groups will then swap around before all players will see out levels 7 and 8 together. — MC

    4.34pm: Play resumes
    Level three has just got under way. This is the last level level you can be lazy, the antes kick in at the beginning of level four.

    We’re already lost one EPT winner in the shape of Harry David Vamplew who twice ran ace-king into big pairs. — RD

    ept san remo_day 1a_jason mercier.jpg

    Former EPT San Remo champ Jason Mercier

    PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of breakfasts consumed): Rick Dacey (a gluttonous two – one at the hotel, one at a cafe), Stephen Bartley (a sensible one – at a cafe) and Marc Convey (zero – gorged himself on free bites in the press room). Photos by Neil Stoddart.

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