EPT8 San Remo: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 300-600, 75 ante)

October 21, 2011


12.30am: Chip counts coming through
It’s looking like it’s tight at the top. Chip lead being analysed now. Just a few in it. It’s like Florida all over again.

12.15am: Bagging and tagging
Bagging has begun. Hold tight.

12.10am: Williams falls just short
David Williams didn’t quite make it to day 2. The Team PokerStars Pro just Tweeted:”Busted with 3 hands left in the day. Was up to 70k then lost with the best hand 4 times. #nobigdeal it was fun Europe.” — MC

12.07am: Still no European flag for Binger
Nick Binger has earned over $2 million in tournament cashes but not one cent of that has been earned on European soil. Unfortunately for him that trait has continued as he was unlucky to bust on one of the last hands of the night.

There was a raise to 1,500 that Claudio Rinaldi called in the cut-off before Binger three-bet all-in for 16,450. The original raiser folded but Rinaldi called to create a showdown.

Rinaldi: 10♠10♣
Binger: J♦J♠

The board ran 9♦4♦3♠10♥9♥ to make Rinaldi a full-house.

The pain in Europe goes on. — MC

11.59pm: Spinks slowroll?
I’m not sure if Jon Spinks meant to slowroll Craig McCorkell or not… but he did.

Spinks had defended his big blind and check-called 825 on a 7♣3♦7♠ flop before both players checked down the 7♥ turn and Q♣ river. Spinks showed a nine as did McCorkell before Spinks showed a seven to go with it for flopped trips. McCorkell flashed the A♣ with a disgruntled look. — RD

*After later consultation with Mr Spinks it turns out he didn’t slowroll but had quietly announced that he had the wining hand giving McCorkell the option to muck. Apologies to Jon for suggesting he did the dirty, although I fully expect him to slowroll me now if we play in the future.

11.55pm: Seven more hands
Yes, that’s right, seven more hands. The clock has been stopped and we will be playing seven more hands. That’s seven. Seven. — RD

11.53pm: Rettenmaier out
Mad Marvin Rettenmaier is out, more’s the pity. — RD

11.50pm: Collins couldn’t battle against all odds
Phil Collins didn’t manage to come back from his short stack. The next time we passed the table his seat was empty. We don’t know the details of his exit but we do know he busted to Gianluca Trebbi who is up to a mountainous 150,000 chips. — MC

11.35pm: MacPhee chilling amid the craziness
“I’m just chilling after all the early craziness,” said Kevin MacPhee, who was up out of his seat having just won a small pot against Dutch high roller Govert Metaal. His 115,000 stack looking healthy stacked in front of his empty chair.

While MacPhee explained that a flurry of action early in the day had seen him win a lot of chips, Metaal was getting involved again. As the hand played out I was left scratching my head.

ept san remo_day 1a_kevin macphee.jpg

Kevin MacPhee in Phil Hellmuth mode

Hans Joachim Hein opened from the hijack for 1,225 and Metaal defended his big blind. Hein c-bet the 2♣J♥6♦ flop for 2,000 and then called Metaal’s check-raise to 4,000.

The A♣ fell on the turn and both players checked. Metaal led 7,000 into the 7♣ river and Hein quickly made the call.

Metaal: A♦10♥ for turned top pair
Hein: A♠7♥ for a backdoor two pair

When there are a large number of tables in play we’re obviously left to report on many hands in a vacuum. Okay, maybe not a vacuum but certainly an environment less atmospherically dense than we’d like. Calling check-raises with no pair, no draw, maybe that was the craziness that MacPhee had been talking about. — RD

11.25pm: Lewis soul reads Collins
November Niner Phil Collins hasn’t been too happy with his European trip so far. He’s yet to cash and had already stated that he was hoping San Remo would get him out of it. Toby Lewis has his own priorities though and just called him down with a very marginal hand to dent Collins’ ambitions.

Collins raised to 1,500 from mid-position and Lewis, in the cut-off, was the only caller. The flop came down J♦5♥9♦ and Lewis called his opponent’s 2,300 c-bet. The turn came the A♠ and Collins reached for chips again, betting 5,700. This was the street that Lewis thought longest before calling.

The river fell 4♠ and Collins had one more bullet in him. Lewis didn’t take too long in calling the 7,500 bet to be shown 2♣2♠. Lewis tabled K♥9♥ and scooped the pot to move up to about 43,000. Collins is down to 10,525. — MC

11.15pm: Stop punting, start building
Mathew “One T” Frankland was Tweeting earlier that he was punting away his stack and down to 13,000. He managed a double-up just now so hopefully for him, he can build on his small profit in the last level of the day.

He said there was a raise a call before he moved all-in for 14,000 with ace-jack. The original raiser passed but the caller gave him a spin with pocket sixes and lost the race. — MC

11.12pm: Loose shove
Atanas Gueorguiev has just passed to a five-bet shove from a somewhat miserable looking Ilan Boujenah. Gueorguiev had four-bet the hijack to 10,700 after Boujenah’s 5,600 three-bet. The Israeli moved in over the top asking Gueorguiev whether he wanted to play for his remaining 22,000. He did not and Boujenah was quick to flash A♣8♠ before raking in the pot. — RD


11.05pm: Lex Looted
Just as he was pushing six figures Lex Veldhuis drops down to 70,000 after a hand in which he doubled up Kevin Vandersmissen.

Lex opened for 1,000 which was called by the player in seat one before Vandersmissen bet 3,400 from the big blind. Veldhuis then raised to 35,000, forcing out the other player and leaving Vandersmissen to move all-in for a further 15,000 with A♦J♠.

Veldhuis had K♦A♥ but watched as a jack hit the flop, the board coming J♣2♠4♦9♥8♣. Vandersmissen lives on. – SB

11pm: Falling Finotti
I’ve come to the conclusion that Andrea Finotti likes to play flops. He also likes to hang around in hands to see the turn. If there’s a river to be played this kid isn’t going to miss out.

That might be an exaggeration but every time I’ve walked past his table today, he’s been involved. This tactic works well when the cards are falling in your favour. We saw this earlier when he was up to a little less than 100,000, but he’s struggling now though and was just moved all-in for his last 11,000.

The action was three-way to a 2♦8♦5♣ flop and Finotti moved all-in over the top of a 3,600 c-bet from the pre-flop aggressor. Both his opponents folded to his shove and he flashed the 8♠. — MC

10.52pm: Booming big stacks
Kevin MacPhee (115,000), Nikolay Tsanev (125,000), Lex Veldhui (100,000) and Marco Traniello (100,000) have all broken the six figure mark. All stand a good chance of finishing the day as chip leader. — RD

10.45pm: Liu owns Spinks
Xuan Liu was sat for some time staring at the re-raise which Jon Spinks had put in from the button. Liu had 2,200 in front of her in the hijack and Spinks 4,900. She stared at his chip, at the pot and then back at his chips. Spinks riffled throughout.

Liu eventually came back over the top for a total of 11,000 and Spinks flicked his hand away leaving himself with around 40,000. Liu seemed to have a little more, perhaps 45,000. She finished third in this event last season. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_xuan liu.jpg

Xuan Liu

10.40pm: Lex Looter
Lex Veldhuis’ stack now measures close to 100,000. He just won another pot, betting 5,300 on a board of 4♣Q♥2♦3♦9♥ which was called by Andre Coimbra, who then mucked when Veldhuis showed A♠Q♠. – SB

ept san remo_day 1a_lex veldhuis.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis

10.30pm: Harman takes out another player from the same seat
Jen Harman eliminated Vladyslav Semenenko earlier and his seat was taken by Peter Dragar. He didn’t realise the curse that was laid upon the seat and busted to Harman as well. We reached the table as all the chips were being passed Harman’s way. His stack wasn’t that deep so we think he committed himself pre-flop with A♥Q♣.

Harman had “them” (A♣A♦) and the 3♦2♦9♦Q♠7♠ came and went with a slight scare. She’s up to 65,000 chips. — MC

10.20pm: Maxed out
Max Pescatori is out. The Italian, who looks a little like my old English Literature teacher, moved in behind a raise to 2,550 from Manlio Iemina in the small blind. Pescatori, on the big, moved in for 8,000 which Iemina called in a flash.

A♦Q♥ for Iemina.
Q♣J♣ for Pescatori.

The board ran 5♦9♥8♠2♦3♠ to send Pescatori out in level 7. – SB

10.10pm: Negreanu’s heading home
Daniel Negreanu has been longing to head back to his home in Las Vegas for weeks, and now he has his wish. He was eliminated by fellow Canadian Tyler Bonkowski after all the chips went in pre flop.

Negreanu: J♥9♦
Bonkowski: Q♥Q♦

“Please don’t let me win,” asked Negreanu. “I want to go home.”

The board ran Q♣3♦8♠Q♠10♦ to make Negreanu a straight, but it was no match for Bonowski’s quads that propel him up to 73,000 chips. – MC

10.05pm: Play resumes
We’ve just started the last two levels of the day and Kevin MacPhee and Marco Traniello are the big stacks to chase. MacPhee got off to a flying start and steadily chipped up, Traniello won a monster three-way pot to get his chips flopping quads and getting two players all-in. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_kevin macphee.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of the score their names give them in Scrabble): Rick Dacey (21), Marc Convey (22) and Stephen Bartley (24). Photos by Neil Stoddart (14).


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