EPT8 San Remo: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50)

October 22, 2011


9.44pm: Last break of the day
Tables 1-22 are going on a 15-minute break before they will join up with the remaining players to play out the last two levels of the day. — MC

9.40pm: Before the break
As players were leaving for a 15 minute break Melanie Weisner was opening a pot from under the gun, making it 925 to play. The action was folded to Sandra Naujoks in the small blind who called, as did Shaun Deeb in the big.

The flop came 4♦7♠K♥ which was checked to Weisner who bet 1,525. Naujoks and Deeb both called for a 10♥. All three checked for a K♠ river. More checking, Naujoks showing K♣Q♣ to take the pot. — SB

9.20pm: Weisnser into six figures after cooler
While Team PokerStars Blog were demolishing the lovely buffet, the following happened. Thanks to our fiends at Pokernews for catching the action.

First into the pot, Luigi Diana raised to 1,200 in middle position. The proverbial can of worms. Two seats over, Melanie Weisner three-bet to 3,325, and Gianfranco Picone squeezed all in for 7,825. Diana quickly called, and the action once again came to Weisner where she sat pondering for a bit. Eventually, she made another raise to 13,075, and Diana once again called without hesitation. There was 10,500 in the side pot for the live players, and Picone was looking to triple up.

The flop came 2♠3♠5♦, and Diana checked. Weisner studied again, and she made a small continuation bet of 4,600. Diana snapped again, and the K♣ landed on the turn. Weisner had 34,500 chips left in her stack, and Diana had about 45,000, and Weisner sized her bet at 10,350. Acting instantly on every decision, Diana check-raised to 23,000, a more calculating Weisner shoved in, and Diana called. Cards up, ladies and gents.

Diana: A♥K♥
Weisner: A♣A♦
Picone: Q♥Q♦

The king on the turn proved to be the crusher for Diana, allowing him to commit most of his chips drawing nearly dead. The river was the blank7♣, eliminating Picole and skyrocketing Weisner all the way up to 113,000.

On either side of her, Shaun Deeb and Sorel Mizzi were paying close attention to how that hand played out. Mizzi spoke first: “Thought for sure you had the airballs there.” Deeb chimed in, “Such a good spot to have the airballs.”

“Certainly a good spot for me to be light,” she agreed, smiling as she stacked the biggest pot we’ve seen today.

8.52pm: More action from the table formerly occupied by Mitchell
Alex Kravchenko raised from the cut-off and Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen decided to play back at the Russian from the small blind with a three-bet to 2,150. Jami Juutila popped up in the big blind with a call. Kravchenko cautiously passed.

The 10♠6♠4♠ flop was bet by Nguyen for 3,000 and Juutila made the call. The 10♥ turn paired the board and Nguyen bet out 7,000. Juutila called again. The river was the 4♥, double pairing the board and Nguyen blasted 15,000 into the middle. Juutila made the call.
Nguyen tabled J♠10♦ for a winning full house. Juutila mucked. — RD

8.35pm: Unhappy Mitchell busts
James Mitchell didn’t look too happy with life in the lead up to this following bust out. He was sat in the small blind when Evgeny Zaytsev was dealt a hand under-the-gun. The Russian was at the backend of a one-orbit penalty and, as it turns out, wasn’t due to be dealt in quite yet. Mitchell pointed this out to the dealer, a fact that seemed to be contested by some of the members at his table.

“I was on the button,” said Mitchell, referring to the point that Zaytsev had been issued his penalty, “Call the floor, I’ll bet money on it,” he added.

A member of the floor staff arrived and confirmed Mitchell’s claim. He had been on the button and Zaytsev would come back in next hand.

“No wonder no-one knows where the button is. You’re all idiots at this table,” said Mitchell.

The table remained quiet as Guiseppe Pantaleo opened the following hand to 900 from early position finding a call from Piero Mormina before Mitchell jammed for 7,125. The blinds, including Zaytsev, passed as did Pantaleo. Mormina decided to call with A♠10♠ dominating Mitchell’s J♦10♦ and holding to send him to the rail. No-one said a word. — RD

8.30pm: Nordberg’s act
There’s a problem on table 27. The issue was brought up by McLean Karr, a recent arrival at the table, who is taking issue with a habit of Bjorn Nordberg. As he explained to him, Nordberg likes to separate the potential call form his stack in advance of the action reaching him, something that Karr said was akin to giving away information. Nordberg did see what the problem was and Karr called the floor.

“We’ve been having some issues with a player acting out of turn,” said Karr to the floor person.

“I’m not acting,” said Nordberg calmly, and not convinced there was an issue to discuss.
“I want to play the next hand,” said Taimaz Sadat and that went on while the floor person explained to Nordberg that what he was doing was not allowed, to which Nordberg replied

“Can I not even touch my chips?” It was an argument I’d not heard before, and Nordberg had a minor point in asking what he could do with his chips.

“I don’t have to wait my turn to count out a call,” said Nordberg, which was contradicted somewhat by the floor. Regardless, things returned to normal.

“It’s nothing personal,” said Nordberg to Karr who was sore but settled down.
By now there was a flop of 8♣4♦6♣ which Nordberg checked from the big blind to Massimiliano Piazza who bet 1,500 from the cut off. Valter Franco Montalto called from the button as did Nordberg.

The turn came J♠. Nordberg checked and Piazza bet 3,000. Montalto then raised to 6,000 forcing out Nordberg. Piazza then moved all-in for 28,000 which Montalto quickly called, banging the table repeatedly as he turned over a winning 5♦7♥. Piazza’s A♣A♦ suddenly looked poor.

The river came 8♦.

Piazza seemed devastated, emotional and expressive, confiding in Gianpaolo Eramo. It didn’t help though. He’s down to 27,000. – SB

8.20pm: No recovery for Antonius
One of the most feared players on the planet has busted. We don’t have the details but news has reached the press room of the elimination of Patrik Antonius. — MC

8.15pm: It’s a numbers game
A total of 478 players turned up for Day 1B here at the San Remo Main Event today which, combined with yesterday’s 359-strong Day 1B field, means a total field of 837 players. We’ll publish the prize pool information as soon as the powers that be crunch the figures and give them to us. — MC

8.10pm: ‘At least it was suited’
Taylor Paur is up to 82,000 chips after getting lucky to eliminate Garri Tevosov. Paur had K♦9♦ and the board ran nine high. Chris Moorman came over to check what was happening with his friend and Paur explained that he five-bet with his holding and beat his Russian opponent holding king-queen.

Moorman responded with, “At least it was suited!” — MC

8.02pm: Warning: Antonius may cause you to freeze
Patrik Antonius has a presence at the table, it’s irrefutable. Opponents simply act in ways that they wouldn’t otherwise.

Antonius opened for 800 under-the-gun from a stack of 14,000 and was three-bet to 2,125 from the next seat along, EPT Snowfest final tablist Koen De Visscher. Both players checked the 10♥3♠Q♠ flop and the Q♥ turn for good measure. Antonius min bet 400 into the 8♦ river and De Visscher made the call. Antonius tabled 7♣7♠ and raked in the pot to move up to 18,000. — RD

7.55pm: Winner winner Nguyen not on dinner
More from table Kravchenko, where the Russian opened from the cut off for 750. Men Nguyen was in the small blind and raised to 2,150 which was then called by Jami Juutila in the big blind. Kravchenko passed.

The flop came 10♠6♠4♠. Nguyen flung in 3,000 which Juutila called, then he flung in another 7,000 on the 10♥ turn, almost trying to shoo Juutila away, but still he called.

On the 4♥ river Nguyen had one last go, throwing in 15,000. Juutila removed his headphones from over his “Blue Slide Park” baseball cap (not a theme park, as first presumed, but some kind of band) and tanked for a moment. As he did so Kravchenko and Pantaleo struck up a conversation, stopping suddenly and standing up to look when Juutila called, Nguyen showing J♠10♦ to take a sizeable pot. Juutila mucked.

“Queens?” asked Pantaleo of Juutila. Juutila nodded.

Nguyen up to 65,000. – SB

ept san remo_day 1b_men nguyen.jpg

Men Nguyen

7.43pm: Dinner break for some
Tables 1-22 have gone on their 60-minute break. We’ll stick with the remaining players for now.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400, 50

7.40pm: ElkY loses pot, seems frustrated
ElkY is down to 22,100 giving up on a pot against fellow Team PokerStars Theo Jorgensen, and he has the body language of a frustrated being.

There was an early position raise to 525 that Jorgensen and ElkY called before Alexandru Cezarescu three-bet to 2,150 from the small blind. The raiser folded but the Team Pros called.

The flop fell Q♠2♣5♥. The action was checked to ElkY on the button and he bet 3,175. Jorgensen was the only caller before both players checked the 6♣K♠ turn and river. ElkY didn’t even bother showing his hand and threw his cards towards the muck. Jorgensen took the gift and is up to 32,000 chips.

7.35pm: Stein sees off his man
Sam Stein picked up A♠K♠ and used it to finish off the short-stacked Alesandro De Michele who had shoved his short stack in after spying K♦J♦.

The board ran 2♣4♠10♣3♠4♦ to see Stein home. He hardly raised a smile as he was wished luck by his eliminated opponent. A 60,000 stack must make him happy inside, at least. — MC

7.25pm: Pantaleo wearing the trousers
It’s a table that gets walked past often, being where the tournament room dog-legs and the side room becomes the main tournament floor. But on it are several of the type of players who have been known to cause trouble in a field like this; the likes of Evgeny Zaytsev, Guiseppe Pantaleo, Alex Kravchenko, Men “The Master” Nguyen and James Mitchell.

Pantaleo seems most keen to win chips. First he opened to 700 from the button which was called by Benjamin Martin in the small blind. Alex Kravchenko, sitting in the big, raised to 2,600, taking the pot.

Pantaleo was in action again two hands later. After Vincenzo Scarpitti opened for 650 in middle position Pantaleo called from the hijack. Nguyen also called from the big blind.
The flop came 5♣K♣Q♦ and Scarpitti bet 1,300, forcing Pantaleo and Nguyen to fold. Scarpitti showed K♦.

Finally Pantaleo would find a winner. In the next he opened for 700 in middle position, getting a caller in Martin for a flop of 2♣5♥10♥. Pantaleo bet 1,075 which Martin called for a turn card 5♣. Another 2,425 from Pantaleo. Martin sat very still, looking down his nose at the table. Was it enough? Yes. Martin passed. Pantaleo up to 62,000. – SB

7.12pm: Pantaleo masters Nguyen
Giuseppe Pantaleo has climbed to 52,000 chips after forcing Men Nguyen off a hand.

Nguyen raised to 800 from mid-position and called when his German opponent three-bet to 2,325 from the small blind. The flop came 9♥A♥J♠ and Pantaleo c-bet for 2,650 only to face a quick raise to 6,000 from Nguyen. Call.

Both players checked the J♦ turn before Pantaleo led for 8,375 on the 9♦ river. His opponent cut the calling chips from his pack and looked like he was going to call but he mucked instead to drop to 35,000. Pantaleo let a big smile appear across his face and revealed the 6♣. He’s up to 52,000. — MC

7.02pm: Lols all the way to the river
Linus Dahlstrom may not be laughing about this one, but everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves.

On a flop of 9♥7♠5♥ Dahlstrom had tossed out a 5,000 chip, an amount slightly larger than the pot. He had meant to bet less but the floor correctly ruled that it should stand as no verbal declaration had been made. Dahlstrom had a little more than 15,000 behind and his opponent, Christian Cipriano, moved all-in with no little amount of swagger and maschismo. Dahlstrom, possibly rattled by the floor ruling, took his time before calling the shove.

Dahlstrom: A♥A♠ for, well, aces
Cipriano: K♥Q♥ for the flush draw

The turn pushed needle over to Cipriano with the 10♥, but the Swede still had a chance for the nut flush redraw, which he promptly hit with the J♥.

Cipriano celebrated straight away but was he celebrating with the realization of having hit a straight flush or not? Paul Berende didn’t seem entirely convinced. Cipriano up to 75,000, Dahlstrom to the rail. — RD

6.50pm: Smart casual
Shaun Deeb has turned a late arrival into a stack of nearly 50,000. He wears a big yellow hoodie, clothes you would watch TV in, and looks like he’s living every minute as it comes. It’s in stark contrast to Sandra Naujoks next to him, who wears a blazer, and knee high brown leather boots. She also paid some attention to her hair this morning.

Deeb just tangled with Riccardo Marchini on a flop of Q♣Q♥8♣.

Marchini checked it, as did Naujoks before Deeb bet 1,600. Marchini called as Naujoks passed before the J♥ turn. Marchini, who has a ponytail no less, checked to Deeb whose eyes are covered by his hood. He bet 3,500 which, after a brief pause, Marchini called, throwing out his chips fast as if to prevent any sudden change of mind.

Now a 6♣ river card. Marchini fired out 5,000 this time, putting the pressure on Deeb. Deeb couldn’t go on, and passed, watching as Marchini showed J♣J♠. Deeb’s attention was diverted by the arrival of a waiter delivering a large bottle of water. – SB

6.42pm: Play resumes for most
It’s been a mixed day for Team PokerStars Pro. Some are well in profit like Johnny Lodden (70,000), Mattias De Meulder (62,000), Dario Mineri (40,000). Some are down on chips like Vanessa Selbst (25,000) and Sebastian Ruthenberg (9,000).

They’re all doing better than Jude Ainsworth though who busted just before the break. He Tweeted: “Busto q 10 v 66. Never got going.” — MC


Not his day

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of how happy we are with our football team’s performance today): Marc Convey (overjoyed that Crystal Palace beat Simon Young’s Ipswich Town), Stephen Bartley (equally overjoyed that Tranmere Rovers didn’t give away a winning position) and Rick Dacey (admits to supporting Sunderland again now that they’ve won. Won’t waste much energy cheering though). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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