EPT8 San Remo: Day 5, level 23 – 25 updates (15,000-30,000, 3,000)

October 26, 2011


5.42pm: Level ends with Veldhuis on the brink
Lex Veldhuis’s tournament life hangs in the balance as we head into the second break of the day.

He opened for 60,000 in early position which Johnny Lodden raised to 135,000 from the big blind. Veldhuis announced all-in and Lodden called, his face showing reluctance and obligation as he turned over A♠K♦ to Velduis’s Q♦Q♥.

The board came K♠K♣4♥J♠8♦.

It sent the pot to Lodden but a count had to be made to see how much Veldhuis would have left, if anything. He was still alive but with only 37,000.

This went in on the next hand from early position. Dimitar Danchev raised to 95,000 and Patrick Gastaldi raised to 300,000. As Veldhuis waited with his arms crossed, Danchev announced “I’m all in”, pushing forward around a million chips.

Gastaldi tanked, then folded a pair of jacks. Danchev showed K♣K♦ to Veldhuis’s A♦9♠.

The board ran A♣2♥7♠2♠5♦ to keep Veldhuis alive, heading into the break with 160,000. – SB

5.38pm: MacPhee bursts into the chip lead in 3,500,000 pot
Did I say that Kevin MacPhee’s attempt to win a second EPT was well on track? Scratch that, it’s now thundering down the line. How it all went in we can’t say (it’s on the TV table) but MacPhee did get all his 1,742,000 in pre-flop against Chris McClung.

McClung: A♣Q♠
MacPhee: A♠K♣

The board ran out a tantalizing 3♣10♥J♦A♥2♣ rocketing MacPhee into the chip lead with 3,500,000. MClung is still more than alive with 1,800,000. — RD

ept san remo_day 5_kevin macphee.jpg

Kevin MacPhee: on for the double?

5.35pm: More for Gastaldi
Patrick Gastaldi has added more chips to his recently doubled stack. He raised to 65,000 from early position and then tank-called when Andrey Pateychuk three-bet to 167,000 from the small blind. The flop came down 5♣A♥3♦ and the Russian led for 206,000. Call.

They were the last chips that ventured into the middle as the 8♣5♦ turn and river were checked through by both players. Pateychuk tabled Q♦Q♣ but lost out to the Italian’s A♣9♣. — MC

5.30pm: MacPhee milks Isaia
Kevin MacPhee attempt to be the first double EPT winner is well on track after he milked Alessio Isaia for over 300,000 with top trips.

Isaia had opened from the cut-off for 60,000 and had been called by Andreas Samuelsson and MacPhee in the big blind.

Flop: J♥A♥6♠ – all three checked.
Turn: A♣ MacPhee led for 85,000 and Isaia made the call
River: 6♣ MacPhee led out 250,000 and Isaia made the call again. MacPhee showed A♦7♠ for top trips.

MacPhee up to around 1,700,000 now. Another big pot brewing right now…. — RD

5.21pm: Neilson gets traappy, no taker
Daniel Neilson failed to get any action from Chris McClung after rivering a straight with 10♦9♦ on a 10♣J♥7♠4♦8♦ board. Neilson checked the river over to his Canadian opponent who checked behind showing 10♠5♠. — RD

5.20pm: Second time’s a charm for Gestaldi
Patrick Gastaldi just doubled up through Dimitar Danchev for a second time, taking his stack up to around 1,500,000 and leaving Danchev with 600,000.

Danchev had opened from under the gun, betting 65,000. Gestaldi raised to 200,000 in the seat next to him prompting Danchev to moved all-in Gestaldi called showing A♣K♥ againsts Danchev’s Q♠Q♥.

The board came 3♥A♦6♣3♦3♣, the ace doubling Gastaldi once more. – SB

5.16pm: Palumbo climbing back
Rocco Palumbo came back from the break as one of the shortest stacks with 592,000. He’s up to nearly a million after jamming the turn of a 9♣Q♣9♠2♠ board forcing Aleesio Isaia to pass leaving a couple of hundred thousand in the middle. — RD

5.10pm: Pateychuk will settle for that
Andrey Pateychuk is up to around 2,500,000 after doubling-up through Yorane Kerignard.

Pateychuk raised to 60,000 from early position and Kerignard defended his big blind to see a 10♠8♥6♥ flop. He check-called a 80,000 bet before checking to face a 187,000 bet on the J♣ turn. His response was to click-raise it up to 374,000 and call when Pateychuk moved all-in for his remaining 1,118,000.

Pateychuk: 8♦8♠ for a set.
Kerignard: J♥10♣ for top two-pair.

The river came 7♣ and sat as he watched half his stack slide over to the other side of the table. He has about 1,100,000 chips left. — MC

5pm: Double up for Tarallo
Angelo Tarallo has just doubled through Chris McClung in a battle of the blinds. McClung had set Tarallo in from the small blind and the Italian made the call (I believe that’s what happened – we’re following the TV table action from a small monitor).

McClung: K♥9♥
Tarallo: A♦K♦

Tarallo rivered an unneeded straight on a J♥4♠3♠2♣ 5♠board to double up to 750,000. Tarallo has won an additional €5,000 thanks to being the last player alive in the Skrill last longer bet. Skrill are the official payment provider of EPT Season 8.– RD

ept san remo_day 5_angelo tarallo.jpg

Angello Tarllo, winner of the Skrill last longer bet

4.50pm: Cedolia out
We’re down to 15 in the main event after the departure of Gianluca Cedolia.

On a flop of 4♣J♣A♠ Cedolia checked to Lex Veldhuis who bet 75,000. Barny Boatman then raised to 175,000 prompting Cedolia to move all in for around 650,000. Veldhuis passed but Boatman called showing A♥4♥ against Cedolia’s K♣8♣ flush draw.

The turn came 2♦ and the river Q♦ to send Cedolia to the rail and leave Boatman with around 2,400,000. – SB

4.47pm: Veldhuis heading for final table
Lex Veldhuis is well positioned to make his first EPT final table. The video blog team caught up with him earlier.

4.42pm: Gastaldi gets a needed double-up
Patrick Gastaldi was down to 234,000 when he snap three-bet all-in from the small blind. Dimitar Danchev had raised to 60,000 from the button and called the shove.

Danchev: A♥8♦
Gastaldi: 10♦10♣

The board ran J♣10♥4♣7♣J♠. Gastaldi flopped a set but still had to sweat the river as Dachev picked up straight outs. — MC

4.35pm: Internet warning
In case we go silent for a prolonged period you can assume that it’s because of internet issues. We’re in the Casino San Remo theatre today and the connection here is sketchy to the say the least. Hold… — RD

4.30pm: Table Draw

Outer table

1. Andrey Pateychuk, 1,269,000
2. Barny Boatman, 2,079,000
3. Dimitar Danchev, 1,522,000
4. Patrick Gastaldi, 280,000
5. Johnny Lodden, 1,142,000
6. Yorane Kerignard, 2,352,000
7. Gianluca Cedolia, 811,000
8. Lex Veldhuis, 1,243,000

TV table

1. Daniel Nielsen, 1,823,000
2. Andreas Samuelsson, 912,000
3. Kevin MacPhee, 1,182,000
4. Jan Bendik, 3,345,000
5. Christopher McClung, 3,984,000
6. Angelo Tarallo, 492,000
7. Alessio Isaia, 1,864,000
8. Rocco Palumbo, 592,000

4.25pm: MacBoeree
EPT winners Liv Boeree and Kevin MacPhee go at it in a quiz battle (answers set by video blog team, not us – we can’t verify their research).

4.20pm: Chips ahoy
The chip count page has been fully updated so click here to see how the remaining 15 players stand. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000-30,000, 3,000

4pm: Another one bites the dust as the first break arrived
The rapid rate of eliminations is showing no sign of slowing down as Daniele Vesco leaves us in 17th spot.

Gianluca Cedolia raised to 55,000 from early position and Vesco called all-in for his last 45,000 from the small blind. Johnny Lodden was in the big blind and called also. The flop came 3♠A♣3♣ and both players checked to the 10♥ turn. Cedolia bet and that forced out Lodden.

Cedolia: A♦Q♠
Vesco: K♠6♥

Vesco was already drawing dead and was shaking his opponent’s hands as the J♥ fell on the river.

That was the last hand of the level. The players have 15 minutes to cool off away from the stage lights. — MC

3.57pm: Kerignard getting the better of Boatman
Yorane Kerignard has won two significant pots from Barny Boatman in the last 15 minutes. First he took Boatman off a 117,000 three-bet out of the small blind with a cut-off four-bet to 312,000. Boatman passed.

A few hands later Boatman called a raise from the Frenchman and check-called 51,000 on a J♦A♥3♣ flop before both players checked the A♦ turn. The Brit then led 100,000 into the 6♣ river and was raised to around 275,000 before snap folding. Boatman down to 1,450,000, Kerignard up to 2,000,000. — RD

3.55pm: Down to 17
The chances of a first double EPT winner just got cut by half with the departure of Mike McDonald.

Yorane Kerignard had opened the hand from under the gun for 50,000 which Barny Boatman had raised to 120,000 from the cut-off. McDonald then pushed all in for around half a million from the big blind. At the point at which Kerignard folded Boatman announced “call,” turning over K♥K♣. McDonald turned over 10♥10♠.

The board ran 8♣6♦2♥3♥2♣.

McDonald was out, shaking hands with his opponents and wishing them good luck. Down to 17 players in the main event. – SB

ept san remo_day 5_mike McDonald.jpg

Mike McDonald, out in 17th

3.40pm: MacPhee takes on Lodden
Kevin MacPhee opened for 52,000 under the gun which was called by Johnny Lodden on the button and Gianluca Cedolia in the big blind. The flop came 9♥A♣A♦. Cedolia checked to MacPhee who bet 82,000, which was called by Lodden only.

On the 5♠ turn both checked for a 6♣ river. MacPhee checked, then folded to a bet of 135,000 from Lodden. He’s up to 1,800,000 while MacPhee drops to 1,100,000. – SB

3.32pm: Shortie doubles
Daniele Vesco must have realised by now that he has to start moving all-in before he gets blinded into oblivion. He open shoved his last 76,000 and was isolated by Lex Velduis who three-bet to 130,000.

Vesco: 8♦5♦
Veldhuis: A♥K♦

The board ran A♦Q♦J♠4♦5♠ to make the Italian a flush. — MC

3.29pm: Boatman surprised by big pass from Pateychuk
Barny Boatman opened for 50,000 under-the-gun and was called by Andrey Pateychuk in the big blind. Boatman c-bet 26,000 into a high K♥A♦A♠ flop and Pateychuk made the call. Both players checked the J♣ turn before Pateychuk led 76,000 into the 9♠ river.

Boatman cut out calling chips, then cut out raising chips and tipped 301,000 into the middle. Pateychuk didn’t take long before passing. He showed the A♣ as he did so. Boatman, in return, showed a flash of surprise then raked in the pot.

The Hendon Mob man is up to 1,700,000. Dimitar Danchev, who is on his direct left, is on 1,600,000 and the short stacked but dangerous Mike ‘Timex’ McDonald is a couple of seats further with 600,000. — RD

3.25pm: What no elimination?
Two chops in a row break with what is now the accepted form at this stage of elimination following elimination.

First Jan Bendik and Lex Veldhuis got their chips in, both of them showing ace-jack. Then, Daniele Vesco sparked to life after a period of hibernation. He showed 8♥10♥ with his last 96,000 in the middle. Kevin MacPhee called with 3♥3♣ and was good to the turn on a board of 6♣A♦A♥K♣ but the 6♠ split the pot. – SB

ept san remo_day 5_tv table.jpg

“It was this big” – action on the TV table

3.20pm: Kanit canned by Danchev
Mustapha Kanit has been eliminated by the Bulgarian Dimitar Danchev. Danchev raised to 52,000 and Kanit was the only caller from the big blind. The flop came 3♠10♣9♠ and Danchev led for 56,000 and was check-called.

The turn was the 5♦ and Kanit decided to lead for 125,000 out of a 400,000 stack. Danchev shoved and Kanit called quickly with a slow played A♣A♥. Danchev tabled a drawing Q♠J♦ and shrugged his shoulders as eyes wondered towards him. His shrugs were soon replaced by smiles as the river fell the K♥ to make his straight. The IPT Player of the Year left dejected, but to a round of applause. — MC

3.10pm: Two down as McClung strikes on river
Another elimination. Make that two, as Christopher McClung sends two players to the rail after a three-way all-in.

Eli Bohbot was in with K♥Q♥, Joni Mattila with A♦10♦ and McClung with 9♣9♦.
The flop came 8♠6♣K♠ to help Bohbot, and the [d] on the turn more so. But the 9♠ on the river gave McClung a full house and left 19 players in the main event. – SB

3.05pm: Boatman motoring ahead
Barny Boatman is up to 1,350,000 after five-betting the aggression young Italian Mustapha Kanit out of the following pot.

Kanit, Italian Poker Tour player of the year, opened for 48,000 from middle position and Boatman three-bet to 100,000 from the hijack. Action back on Kanit and he stepped it up to 208,000. Boatman looked down at his stack, tilted his head one way then the other and pushed out a raise to 402,000 – leaving himself 700,000 behind. Kanit considered his options and eventually opted to pass. — RD

2.55pm: Two all-ins, two eliminations
The last hand of level 24 saw the two outer tables eliminate a player each.

WSOPE main event champ Elio Fox quest for the ridiculous came unstuck as he was eliminated by Mike McDonald. The Canadian open shoved with king-queen and Fox called all-in with pocket jacks. McDonald had to wait all the way to the river before he spiked a queen to nearly double-up and eliminate a dangerous opponent.

Meanwhile Jan Bendik was deep in the tank over whether to call Cristiano Guerra’s four-bet shove. Kevin MacPhee opened to 52,000 before Bendik three-bet to 155,000 and Guerra shoved for 724,000 from the big blind. MacPhee made a considered fold, Bendik just as considered in his call.

Bendik: A♣K♦
Guerra: Q♦Q♠

The board ran K♦8♦6♠7♥9♥ to pair Bendik’s king. He’s up to around 3,000,000 chips, Guerra sent to the rail. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000, ANTE 3,000

2.45pm: Kerignard up
Yorane Kerignard just won a sizeable pot against Dimitar Danchev to move up to around 1,300,000.

Danchev opened for 55,000 from middle position which Kerignard called on the button for a flop of 9♣10♠3♥. Danchev bet another 52,000 which Kreignard called for a 10♥ turn. Danchev checked this time, then called Kreignard’s bet of 80,000 for a river card 5♠. Check, check. Kerignard showed 6♦6♣ to win the hand. – SB

2.40pm: Early skirmishes
No big hands on table three as of yet, just some minor dogfights:

1) Andrey Pateychuk opened his button to 40,000 and was called by Dimitar Danchev in the big blind, Barny Boatman passed in the small. Pateychuk c-bet 52,000 into a K♣5♦2♣ flop and won the hand.

2) Boatman button-raised to 40,000 and was called by Patrick Gastaldi in the big blind. The Frenchman called Boatman’s 25,000 c-bet on the 9♦2♥9♣ flop flop but passed to further aggression on the K♦ turn when 80,000 was leveled at him.

3) Third button raise in a row: Danchev opened to 40,000 and was three-bet by Gastaldi out of the small blind to 150,000 out of a 450,000 stack. The Frenchman fumbled with his chips and if he didn’t have a genuinely good hand he was certainly making a good act of having one. Mike McDonald passed in the big blind as did Danchev.

Spinks the only faller as of yet. — RD

2.30pm: Spinks out
Within minutes of the start we’ve lost the first player. Jon Spinks moved all-in with A♠Q♣ and was called by Jan Bendick with Q♥Q♦.

The board ran K♠6♠J♦9♦3♠ to send Spinks to the rail in 24th place. – SB

ept san remo_day 5_jon spinks.jpg

Jon Spinks (right) eliminated by Jan Bendik

2.20pm: Play begins
Cards are in the air.

2.02pm: Making their way to the tables
Barny Boatman, resplendent in a blue and white Hawaiian shirt, and Jon Spinks are talking excitedly about something, Kevin MacPhee is talking to his other half, Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree, who herself won this event two seasons ago. MacPhee and Mike McDonald are both on for that elusive double, both of whom would be worthy of becoming the first ever player to claim two EPT titles. This is the 74th main event and it’s been a long time in the coming.

The players have just been summoned to the tables and have started to saunter down to the stage. Except for McDonald who was already in his seat stacking his chips. — RD

2pm: The seat draw

Table 1
1 Eli Bohbot, PokerStars qualifier, 186,000
2 Andreas Samuelsson, PokerStars qualifier, 1,070,000
3 Joni Mattila, 470,000
4 Johnny Lodden, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,227,000
5 Chris McClung, 3,148,000
6 Angelo Tarallo, 798,000
7 Alessio Isaia, 1,524,000
8 Rocco Palumbo, 594,000

Table 2
1 Jan Bendik, 1,211,000
2 Daniel Neilson, PokerStars player, 2,011,000
3 Daniele Vesco, 248,000
4 Jon Spinks, 788,000
5 Cristiano Guerra, PokerStars qualifier, 824,000
6 Lex Veldhuis, Team PokerStars Pro, 877,000

7 Gianluca Cedolia, 1,084,000
8 Kevin MacPhee, PokerStars qualifier, 1,441,000

Table 3
1 Andrey Pateychuk, 1,200,000
2 Barny Boatman, 1,257,000
3 Dimitar Danchev, 1,196,000
4 Patrick Gastaldi, 539,000
5 Mike McDonald, 292,000
6 Yorane Kerignard, PokerStars qualifier, 1,018,000
7 Elio Fox, PokerStars qualifier, 377,000
8 Mustapha Kanit, IPT Player of the Year, 1,761,000

1.50pm: Back for Day 5
Welcome back to Day 5 of the European Poker Tour main event in San Remo where a final 24 players, on three tables, will play on until just eight remain.

We’ve relocated to the circle of the Casino San Remo (I actually ordered box seats) where, from our vantage point in the oasis that is the engineer’s booth, the TV stage, being tested by engineers, have reduced visibility to just a few inches.

Leading the field through this retinal burn is Christopher McClung who, as the official chip count page shows, bagged up 3,148,000 last night.


Chip leader Chris McClung

The recap from yesterday will also detail which players remain and how they got this far, including the possibility of a first double winner, and success for Team PokerStars Pros.
Play is scheduled to begin at 2pm although I’m predicting a slight delay. – SB

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey and Rick Dacey.


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