EPT9 Barcelona: John Juanda leads challengers on the New Day

August 22, 2012


No day on the new look European Poker Tour owes as much to the recent structural rejig as today, Day Three, when we plough on into the money. Time was when Day Three meant the race to 24 players, and it could go on late into the night. But no more. This season it will still mean the bubble, but we have all loosened our belts one metaphorical notch and allowed ourselves an extra day to get essential business done.

Today, which we might as well call the New Day (if only in a vain attempt to shift hangovers from last night’s media tournament), allows us to suck it and see. There are 207 players coming back, the survivors from yesterday, and the idea is to play five 90-minute levels, then pick through the detritus of that.

Conventional wisdom suggests we may get down to about 50 players if we play that long, but conventional wisdom is an ass.

Yesterday, John Juanda was the major mover, strolling to the chip lead. But with the likes of Ilari Sahamies, Lucille Cailly, Jonathan Karamalikis and a whole raft of Team PokerStars Pro nipping at his heels, anything is possible.


John Juanda, chip leader

Daniel Negreanu is on the television table today, so listen to Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan on EPT Live for the latest episode of man love.


James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton


Daniel Negreanu, TV star today

The only way to know for sure what fate has in store for the New Day is to stick with our coverage on PokerStars Blog. As ever, you can follow hand-for-hand updates in the top panel on any EPT9 Barcelona index page, while allowing yourself to be dazzled by the colour in the stories in the lower panels.

Today’s Daily Strategy piece will discuss bubble play with Team PokerStars Pro, and we will also take a close up look at EPT Barcelona through the television producers’ lenses. The EPT Live cameras have been examining these tournaments since the very first flop and their insight is fascinating – even if they had to share a “Rules of Poker” book between the production crew way back when. Look out for our post on that very subject later on.

If time permits we will also have an in depth look at the curse of the EPT double champion. (Does the curse even really exist?) And of course we’ll introduce you to all the characters still aiming for the first prize here of more than a million euros.


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