EPT9 Barcelona: Something to tweet about in the first orbit

August 22, 2012


The early changing fortunes of Team PokerStars Pro

Before we had even got anywhere near the tournament room, much less towards a first proper feature post, two members of Team PokerStars Pro were merrily tweeting their changing fortunes to hundreds of thousands of followers.

Less than five minutes after Day Three began, our Twitter timeline featured these couple of updates, right next to one another.


To hear all the latest on how Barry Greenstein fares in the side events (assuming that is where he is now heading) then follow him @barrygreenstein. Daniel Negreanu is may well have many more tweets to offer us too from his day on the feature table, so follow @realkidpoker as well.

PokerStars Blog is also close to the cutting edge – we are at @pokerstarsblog and we welcome all the attention we can get. Follow us. Please.


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