EPT9 Barcelona: Taylor Paur leads the reloading High Rollers

August 23, 2012


Another day, another High Roller, another €10,000 invested in search of the big prize. Actually for many it was €10,000 plus another €10,000 as today’s High Roller allowed for a re-load – a second bullet fired at the sun.

For the Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier, that slug was quickly slid into the barrel. He registered late and played only one hand – queens into ace-king – before requiring the second round. After the seven levels that completed the opening day of three, Mercier was still armed, but he was far from being chip leader.

That accolade belonged to Taylor Paur, of the United States, who had increased his starting stack of 50,000 to 220,400.

“I really do like the high rollers,” Paur said at the end of the day. “It’s not too big a field and it seems manageable. It starts with just over 100 instead of a 1,000 which is tough to get through. But 100 feels like there’s a chance to win the tournament.”


Taylor Paur: “They just gave me their chips when I had monster hands”

Paur heads the kind of glittering field you would expect in something like this. Although the scintillating EPT festival is drawing to it close, plenty of the biggest names are hanging around. Pius Heinz and Jonathan Duhamel, both World Series champions, played. Dan Smith, the Super High Roller winner was here, capping his cards with a bundle of buy in.


How the high rollers cap their cards

There was ElkY and Martin Staszko, Tobias Reinkemeier and JC Alvarado. Obviously the High Roller beast Philipp Guissem played, and he too will return for day two.


Philipp Gruissem, another shot at High Roller glory

“I had a lot of good players at my table but I was lucky enough to get into hands with maybe the lesser players and they just gave me their chips when I had monster hands,” Paur said. Sometimes it works like that too.

The notable stacks are below. The full payout information follows. They play down to a final table tomorrow, so join us for more comprehensive coverage then.

Notable stacks:
(starting stack was 50,000)

Taylor Paur – 220,400
Jean Noel Thorel – 193,600
JC Alvarado – 181,600
Jonathan Duhamel – 140,100
ElkY – 129,100
Angel Guillen – 123,700
Jason Mercier – 48,100
Pius Heinz – 28,000


1 – €359,000
2 – €206,680
3 – €119,660
4 – €95,180
5 – €73,430
6 – €54,390
7 – €43,510
8 – €32,630
9-10 – €27,190
11-12 – €24,470

Players: 101
Re-loads: 10
Total prize pool: €1,087,800


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