EPT9 Barcelona: The good, the bad, and the unlucky

August 23, 2012


Marcos Fernandez, a relatively unknown player in Spain, caused problems early this week when one player tweeted about not liking his appearance. Fernandez does not have horns or fangs or anything like that. Instead he’s played every day with his hood up, one that has a zip that can cover all but his eyes.

Evidently a lot of players prefer to see the face of the man who just took all of their chips. Fernandez’s day has started well, up to 1.7 million, although he since lost a pot to Elias Gutierrez Hernandez.


Marcos Fernandez, coming up for air

Next to him Mauro Canavese eases himself deeper into the cash. His strategy is to watch a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western on a small phone. As Hernandez called Fernandez in a previous pot, Clint Eastwood slaughtered three bandits in quick succession while still sucking a cheroot. As Hernandez gathered his new chips a Mexican policeman fell from a roof, clutching his belly.

Ole Schemion is among four German players returning. Distinguished by a set of green headphones, the 2011 Tournament Leader Board winner is something of a monster online. Now, he’s monstering it up live.


Ole Schemion

His countryman Roman Herold is enjoying a charmed week. He’s no slouch, let’s be sure of that, but the 521,000 he has to play with is still remarkable, given that two days ago he had been reduced to a single big blind. Elsewhere Jens Weigl is up from 120,000 to 320,000.

Eight Russian players returned as part of the 61, two of whom departed shortly after play resumed. Still here though is Konstantin Uspenskiy, considered one of the best and unluckiest tournament players among the Russian poker community. Known as “K0stye_spb”, he is also a skilled cash player and among the best dressed in the main event, sharp in a burgundy leather jacket.

A table away Andrey Zaichenko is another player considered to be one of the country’s best tournament players. Online he’s “Kroko-dill”, (it means ‘crocodile’) and the only from his country to win an FTOPS, SCOOP, Sunday Million and more. Live he’s quite nifty too, with more than a million in live earnings, including third place in the World Series H.O.R.S.E. event in 2011.

At the same table is Konstantin Puchkov continues his bid to become a Barcelona finalist two years after he first appeared there.


Konstantin Puchkov

Puchkov set the record for cashes at the WSOP this year with 11, beating the record set by his close friend and countryman Nikolay Evdakov, with 10, who died aged 48, in February this year.

Next to Puchkov is Konstantin Streletskiy, a friend of EPT winner Andrey Pateychuk. Streletskiy is described by members of the Russian press as a very good young player looking for his first big score.

In contrast is Anatoly Gurtovoy, in town for the Super High Roller last week but now going deep in the main, is a business man who plays in big games, combining an unorthodox style with fearlessness when it comes to taking chances. His tournament Palmares shows an interesting pattern – either a deep run or nothing. “He knows what he’s doing,” said a member of the Russian press. I believe him.

Update: Puchkov’s campaign to reach a second final table is over.


Lynn Gilmartin talks to former EPT winner Roberto Romanello.


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