EPT9 Berlin High Roller: Lykov leads final seven as high rollers prove that they do it quicker

April 26, 2013

At noon today in Berlin, 63 players returned to the function suite of the Hyatt Hotel and prepared to play poker for hundreds of thousands of euros. Seventeen of them took a sharp left when they walked into the room and took their seats at the three remaining tables of the €5,300 EPT main event. The other 46, ie., more than twice as many, headed to play the €10,000 High Roller tournament.

Wind the clock forward 12 hours, and those 17 still couldn’t find their final eight. It would take more than six hours just to decide the identity of the ninth-place finisher, the spot before the official final table.

But for the high rollers, there were no such delays. Even despite an extended bubble period, they were already down to eight by about 10pm and discussing playing through the night to find their winner.

It’s official: high rollers do it quicker.

At time of writing — 12 midnight — seven high rollers remain, with Max Lykov out in front. They decided to turn in for the night and come back fresh tomorrow to decide who takes the €429,000 first prize.


Max Lykov: out in front

EPT Berlin High Roller Final Table

Seat 1 – Griffin Benger, Canada, 1,128,000
Seat 2 – Max Lykov, Russia, 1,683,000
Seat 3 – empty
Seat 4 – Philippe Ktorza, France, 679,000
Seat 5 – Joni Jouhkimainen, Finland, 412,000
Seat 6 – James Mitchell, UK, 593,000
Seat 7 – Martin Kabrhel, Czech Republic, 1,643,000
Seat 8 – Aaron Lim, Australia, 867,000

They have lost the likes of Jan Heitmann, Bryn Kenney, Steven Silverman, Daniel Cates, Marvin Rettenmaier, Mike McDonald, Kevin MacPhee and Jake Cody, none of whom would cash.

Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Ronny Voth, AP Phahurat, Igor Kurganov, Artem Litvinov, Gautam Sabharwal, David Peters, Christophe Benzimra and Scott Seiver are also out, but they all made the money, starting with €22,000 for Benzimra and through to €30,300 for Jachtmann and Voth (the latter of whom cashed in both main and high roller events) and €41,200 for Seiver, who went out in eighth.


Ronny Voth: not a bad first couple of tournaments to a poker career

Tomorrow, both events resume again — at noon for the main event and 1pm for the high roller — and one would fancy the main event to finisher sooner, given its enormous blind levels. But with the likes of Lykov and Kabrhel both with stacks, there could be a huge explosion on the high roller final table too, which would help them keep up their startling pace.


Martin Kabrhel: pipped to the lead. Just

All the information — hand-by-hand coverage, payouts and chip stacks — are in the panel at the top of the high roller page, where they will also be updated regularly tomorrow. In the meantime, goodnight all. And let’s all laugh at the slowcoaches in the main event.


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